Personalised acrylic keyring with name

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  • Material: methacrylate. Various colours to choose from.
  • Up to 12 characters of text.
  • The size is variable depending on the length of the text. Maximum width: 8 cm. Maximum height: 3 cm.
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Google Reviews

Hello there, my polar blanket has arrived! Thank you so very much for yout service. The blanket looks amazing!!!

Caroline (Kwadijk, Noord-Holland)

I just wanted to tell you that I have finally received my blanket and to say I am very pleased with it. Again thank you for your service and I would use you again.

Mrs Stubbs (North Chingford, London)

After worrying about delivery and trouble ordering - the blanket arrived this morning. Can I say it is FABULOUS. Delighted with the product, the photos have come out really well. a HUGE thank you. Please get the website sorted your business will go strength to strength. Great Product and Speedy Delivery - Thank you so much

Kathryn (Baildon, West Yorkshire)


Personalised keyrings with a name or text

Key rings in the shape of a name give a new twist to the concept of personalised key rings. With this type of keyring, you'll be able to decide what name you want to appear on it. It can be any word or any text, as long as it is within the character limit. We will make a keyring with the silhouette of the name you have chosen.

The keyring is made of methacrylate of high quality and thickness, and will have the shape of your text, with a very smooth finish to make it pleasant to touch. In addition, you can choose between different colour variants, so that the keyring is completely to your liking. In addition, you can choose between different colour variants and different fonts.

The sizes are variable, depending on the length of the name or word you enter. In any case, the maximum length is 8 cm. and the maximum height is 3 cm. The size of each letter will vary depending on the name. Thus, if the keyring contains a name of 3 letters, these will be larger than if the keyring has a name made up of 12 characters.

Key ring with name for backpack

This type of shaped keyring is a perfect gift for anyone, regardless of gender or age. Although it is true that they are often used in the form of children's name key rings. When going to school with their school bag on their back, many children like to carry a key ring with their name on it. It serves to identify whose backpack it is and in addition, it gives an original decorative touch.

A lot of adults carry key rings with their name, or the name of their partner or child, either as a key ring in its basic use to keep the keys, as well as to carry hanging on bags, backpacks, in the baby pram, etc.

'Personalised name shaped keyrings'

3D name keyrings

This type of silhouetted key rings are also known as "3D printed key rings". The reason is that, as they are cut in the exact shape of the letters that form the name, the final appearance of the product is three-dimensional, with a relief that gives an elegant and very original appearance.