Personalised plaques and trophies

Personalised trophies and awards

If you are looking for personalised trophies, photo awards or souvenir plaques, you have come to the right place. We have several different models, with different shapes, different materials and even different prices, in order to give you the perfect options if you are looking for cheap personalised trophies or more "Premium" models.

All these products can be personalised 100% to your liking, with any photo, text, names of people, dedications, phrases, year, icons, logos, designs, etc. Any composition or design you want to create is possible. In addition, you can use any of the pre-designed templates that we provide you with. You only have to edit it with your texts and that's it. Or, if you prefer something completely personalised by you, you can create the design of the plaque or trophy from scratch.

When to gift a personalised trophy

There are many occasions, events and situations in which these custom trophies are a perfect gift. And it is a souvenir that can be left in a bookcase, or in a trophy cabinet, to keep a lifelong memory of an important moment. For example:

Sporting events

For school or adult tournaments, amateur or professional, team or individual sports. Whether football, basketball, handball, handball, athletics, swimming, tennis, etc. Here you can personalise a sports trophy or custom commemorative plaque for the champion (or champions in the case of a team). You can add the logo of the club, the name of the team or tournament, the year or date of celebration, etc.

Thus, we will have a personalised trophy with all the details of the tournament, to have a souvenir that the winner will be able to keep for life, as a reminder of his or her sporting feat. The final result is very elegant and attractive.

Personalised trophies for sports tournaments

Gifts for special days

During the course of a year, there are several special days when a personalised and unique souvenir gift is needed. For example, for Mother's Day or Father's Day, it is common to give a trophy, on behalf of the kids, with a phrase such as "For Sara, the best mum in the world", or "Lucas, the best father in the world". You can engrave a similar inscription on the plaque, or even add a photo, name or date.

You can also create personalised trophies as a gift for teachers, as an end-of-year gift from all the mums or dads at school. Or to celebrate grandparents' day, giving a trophy for the "Best grandmother" or "Best grandfather in the world" including names or personal emotional dedications.

Tributes and commemorations

Another type of occasion are tributes, e.g. for retirements. Or details as recognition of a career or professional work. As well as commemorations, anniversaries, etc. In all these occasions, which can be in companies, in offices, or at family or private level, you can also create a personalised trophy with names, photos, dates or a text on the plaque explaining the reason for the gift.

As they are personalised products, you won't find them the same in other shops, as they carry the name, photo or logo of the person or group that is going to receive this personalised award. We're certain that the person will love a personalised trophy with his name and maybe even a short message with a tribute to the person that he or she will be keeping forever.