The most original gifts for children

We know that a child can be as difficult to surprise as an adult. Depending on their age and tastes, you can leave them open-mouthed. We recommend personalised gifts, because they are always something that will make them happy. Furthermore, you’re able to turn the personalised product into something unique simply by customising it to your own liking.

We want to make it easy for you, that's why we have created this section where we will help you to find photo gifts for children. We take into account all possible ages, from approximately one to ten years old. We are also going to show you some gift ideas for children that we are sure will help you find the best gift for any date: communion gifts for children, cheap birthday gifts, personalised Christmas gifts... Find the best gifts for children on our website!

Personalised gifts for children's birthdays

One of the most important dates for children is their birthday. A day in which they are the centre of attention and where they receive details from family and friends. If you don't know how to find birthday gifts for children you’ve come to the right place. We are going to show you our favourite gifts for them:

Personalised mugs, for all tastes and colours: they are infallible gifts for children. Depending on their age, you can opt for our ceramic model, which you can design with a drawing, with their photo or with any image of their favourite fictional characters. But we also have plastic models, so that the little ones can drink and be safe, in case they drop it, as it won't break.

Personalised soft toys, softness and distinction: cuddly toys are always original toys that you can give to any child, they will love them. These are very soft and you can design them with their photo, with their name embroidered, even with a fun design. We know they will become their favourite cuddly toy. It is ideal, above all, for the little ones.

Diploma for the best child in the world: this is one of our most original gifts for children. It is usually made on dates like these, when you want to reward and congratulate the little one for their behaviour or their great involvement in their studies, among other reasons. This way they can hang it in their room and will always have it in mind.

When celebrating birthdays with friends, we usually make birthday gifts from school. We also have customisable birthday gifts that you can adapt in order to give them a different gift that they can use: badges, caps, school supplies (string backpacks are a hit as a detail in this type of event).

Christmas gifts for children

We have talked about some of the original gifts for children on their birthday, but we also have Christmas gift ideas for children. It is a very special time for them and they live with special excitement and illusion. These are some of our favourite gifts for this time of year:

Personalised jewellery, a forever memory: personalised watches and bracelets on which you can engrave their name, their date of birth, a motivational phrase... Whatever you like!

Personalised Cardboard Puzzles made of cardboard and many other materials: there is no age for puzzles, especially when you can find them on our website in all possible materials and sizes. They are usually toys for children of 8 years old or around that age, when they start to enjoy them much more. But you can start them at any time, choose the one you think is more convenient and have fun.

Magic mug: this is the most original mug model in our catalogue. Personalise a mug with a fun design, their name or a photo and it will glow in the dark. What glows are the "white parts", so keep this in mind when you personalise it.

The explorer's kit: they are always on the lookout for new discoveries, if they are very curious you can make a big pack for them to take on their excursions: personalised caps, water bottles and personalised drawstring backpacks.

How to wrap gifts for children and toddlers

Gift wrapping paper usually only lasts a few seconds as the children will open the gifts easily. However, you can make them fun and personalise them. Or for example, make animal shapes so that their presents speak for themselves.

If they are very small, the paper may become resistant. That's why we recommend you make an easy-open wrapper for children. All you have to do is put the typical coloured ribbon on the outside of the gift, this time on the inside. It has to stick out on one side, leaving room for it to stretch easily. When you put it on the inside, don't forget to put tape on the ends. Then all you have to do is wrap it up, and when she opens it, all she has to do is stretch it out. Easy as pie!