Personalised Tetris puzzle

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  • Measurements: 14,5 cm (width) x 14,5 cm (height) x 2,7 cm (depth)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Material: wood.
  • Number of pieces: 13.
  • Both the puzzle and the wooden box in which it is delivered can be personalised.
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months.
  • ID: #17122
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Wooden puzzle with your photo on Tetris pieces

A beautiful, elegant, sturdy and... personalised! The Tetris puzzle, with 13 wooden pieces and presented in a beautiful box made of the same material (the lid can be personalised), is the perfect product to surprise both young and older people.

Personalise the pieces of the puzzle with a photo, a text, a drawing or a design that you love, and we will print it on one side on the surface of the puzzle already assembled and on the lid of the box. All you have to do is surprise the person you give this Tetris puzzle to: try giving it to them disassembled so that they can discover the photo or message themselves!

An original and lasting gift

Everyone likes to remember beautiful and important moments, because it makes us happy just to think about them. The most common way is photos, but it's clear that printing the typical photo that will end up in an album on the top shelf of the bookshelf is not the best option? Imagine how beautiful and fun it must look on a wooden Tetris puzzle! Try giving it to your friend with a photo of your last trip together, to your partner with a photo of the two of you at the last family event, or to your nephew with his favourite cartoon next to his name? There are so many options!

The best thing about this product is its material: a resistant wood capable of withstanding knocks, falls and the passage of time. For all these reasons, it is an ideal gift for the little ones: it is a very common material in pedagogical children's games, which will stimulate their logical thinking and spatial imagination.

Personalised tetris puzzle

But... but not so fast! Don't think that we're talking about a game focused only on children... it's certainly not that easy to assemble, and even less so if the pieces hide a secret message! Enjoy alone or in company discovering what the pieces hide.

Ideal for any event and any age

Birthdays, anniversaries... Even to ask that person to be your child's godfather or godmother! It doesn't matter what event you're facing: if you're looking for a different gift that won't leave anyone indifferent, the personalised Tetris puzzle is the ideal choice.

If the person you want to give is a fan of logic games, if it's a young child and you want to give them an original, high-quality product, or if you want to ask an important question to a loved one... look no further! Imagine how beautiful the design, photo, drawing or text you want to include can be, and imagine their face when they see it? We deliver it assembled, but you can deliver it disassembled so that the person can discover what's printed on it for themselves, or assembled so that the reaction is immediate. You choose!

Personalise it with whatever you like

You can create your design from scratch if you're clear about what you want to add, but if you're not, don't worry! We have a simple and intuitive online editor to help you speed up the task. Also, if you are not sure how to create the design, we propose preconceived designs in which you can add, modify or delete whatever you consider... A world of possibilities in your hands to surprise with the Tetris puzzle!

Personalised wooden tetris puzzle with photo