Personalised Snow Globes

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Photo snow ball personalised

Snowball personalised with photo. Choose from a multitude of different models and create an original and unique snowball with the image you want.

If you love to put pictures on your bedside table, but do not want the typical frame, opt for our personalised snowballs. You have more than five models to choose from and in them you can put the image you want: with your partner, your family, a nice design or a motivating text.

Depending on the model you choose, you can customize it on one or both sides. Not all of them contain snow, others are hearts and stars and have different shapes: circular, rectangular, heart or magnetic. Choose the one you like the most and put the photo you want. It can also be a good gift for your partner or any loved one.

The photo is removable in all models, all the balls can be opened to change the photo without the liquid spilling out. So you can renew the image of this original frame whenever you want. You only need a photograph of the same size as the original.