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Personalised fans

hand fan
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  • Measurements: 42,5 cm (width) x 23 cm (height) x 2 cm (thickness)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Personalised by engraving on the outer wooden rod.
  • Rod material (grip area): wood.
  • Country material: choice of fabric (colours) or wood.
  • ID: #15519
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Engraved fans

If you're looking for a unique and original detail for your events, or simply a practical accessory to beat the heat, you've come to the right place. Our customised fans are designed with the utmost quality and detail, so you can enjoy a durable and elegant product. The handle or frame, which is the gripping area of the fan, is made of wood, and its side can be personalised with any text or design you desire. Personalization is done by engraving onto the wood, ensuring high quality and durability.

When customising the fan, you can use one of our free pre-designed templates or create your own customization from scratch, if you prefer. With our online editor, it's easy and intuitive. And thanks to the preview, you can see how the fan will look before finalising the order.

But you can not only personalise the side of the handle. You can also choose between fabric or thin wood for the main body of the fan (that part is called the "country" or "landscape"). If you opt for a fabric landscape, you can choose from a wide variety of colours and patterns to find the one that best suits your taste and style. If you prefer the wood landscape, you can enjoy a smooth texture that feels nice to the touch, as well as a natural and elegant appearance.

Fans are an ideal accessory for any occasion, especially in summer or in warm places. In addition to providing a pleasant feeling of freshness, fans have a long history as a symbol of elegance and distinction. Since ancient times, they have been used by men and women of all cultures as the perfect complement to any outfit.

Personalised wooden fans

But fans are not just an aesthetic accessory. They also have a practical use, as they allow regulating body temperature and avoiding heat strokes. They are also very practical for any situation where a little fresh air is needed, such as on public transport, in the office or on the street.

Customised Wedding Fans

Customised fans are a perfect detail for any event or celebration, especially at weddings. Giving a personalised fan to each guest is an elegant and practical detail that they will undoubtedly appreciate, especially for weddings that take place in the summer. In addition, by being able to customise them with the text or design you want, you can add a personal and unique touch to your event, making it even more special and memorable. You can customise the personalised wedding fans with the wedding date, the name of the bride and groom, etc.

It's a perfect detail because, on one hand, guests can use the fan during the wedding ceremony, or at the restaurant if they feel hot. But it's also a keepsake from the wedding for a lifetime. They can take the fan home and, whenever they see the customization on the handle, they'll remember this special day.

Custom promotional fans with discount

We offer quantity discounts, so the more personalised fans you purchase with the same design, the lower the unit price of each fan. These discounts are perfect for those who need cheap personalised fans for weddings, baptisms, communions, merchandising, events, or promotional items.

Personalised fans for weddings