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At Wanapix we have hundreds of different gifts, so it's important to organise them as well as possible to help you find the perfect gift. Here we have the main categories from which further subcategories then emerge. Here's how it's organised:

For who

In this category, you will find a lot of subcategories to find gift ideas according to the recipient. You will find categories by gender (gifts for men or women), by age (gifts for babies, children, grandparents), by profession (teachers, guitarists, military, computer scientists, doctors...), and by hobbies (geeks, mountaineers, travellers, cooks, bikers...). So, if you enter this category, think about the person who is going to receive the gift, choose the category that best suits their personality or interests, and you will arrive at the best selection of gifts to inspire you.

Per occasion

Here we classify our products according to special occasions and events. The most popular of the year are, without a doubt, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas. These are special days when (almost) everyone wants to give something to a special person. Nor could we miss such basic celebrations as weddings, christenings and communions, where personalised gifts are usually given to the guests (as well as to the protagonists). And other occasions such as Easter, Back to School, anniversaries... have a place in this category.

Original gifts

In this category, unlike the previous ones, you will not find several subcategories, but you will directly find a list of our most original gifts. In a way, any personalised product is original by definition, as personalisation makes it a unique gift that does not exist in any shop. But, within our catalogue, we have selected products that have characteristics that make them especially original and outstanding.


The word is self-explanatory: here you will find a list of the latest products we have put on sale. All the products in this list have gone on sale in the last few weeks or days. So it's a good idea to take a look around because you're bound to find inspiration for new and trendy products. Or, if you already know our regular catalogue, here you will see some new things that we think you will like.

Type of gift

Finally, here you will find a number of varied categories that do not depend on the recipient or special occasions. They can be gifts organised by their material, such as the "wooden gifts" category, where you will only see products made entirely or partially from ecological wood. Or engraved gifts, where we group all those products whose personalisation is done by direct engraving on the surface, unlike most of the catalogue where personalisation is done by printing. Here you will find a wide range of ideas and proposals of all kinds.