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Personalised fabric wristbands

cloth bracelets at €1.99 / piece.
Deliver between 26-29 July with fast shipping. Place your order before 16 hours 26 mins.

  • Measurements: 34 cm (width) x 1,5 cm (height)
  • Minimum order: 5 units
  • Two types of closure to choose from: reusable adjustable closure, or non-adjustable, fixed, safety closure (ideal for events).
  • Different sizes: adult and children's.
  • ID: #17753-572312
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Create wristbands with logos or messages

Discover our exclusive personalised textile wristbands, designed to offer versatility, comfort and style for any occasion. These wristbands, with a width of 1.5 cm (the standard width for this type of bracelet), are offered in 2 different sizes to fit both adults and children, ensuring a perfect fit for all ages. With the possibility of personalising them in colour, you can print any logo, design, text, name, message or image you wish, making them the ideal accessory for promoting your brand, celebrating a special event or simply adding a personal touch to your everyday style.

Personalised wristbands are more than just accessories; they are effective tools for identification and promotion. Thanks to their full personalisation capability, these wristbands can be designed to reflect the visual identity of a company, an event, a campaign or any kind of celebration. From messages to detailed and colourful designs, the personalisation options are limitless, allowing you to create unique wristbands that stand out and attract attention.

One of the most outstanding features of our personalised fabric wristbands is the option of choosing between two types of clasps, each one adapted to different needs and uses. The adjustable or reusable clasps are perfect for those who want the flexibility of being able to take the wristband on and off at any time. These clasps are ideal for fashion bracelets, as a daily accessory or to exchange with friends, thus having a practical and aesthetic accessory that can be worn on any occasion. Also popular are fabric wristbands with messages, whether they are protesting, humorous, etc.

Personalised textile wristbands for events

On the other hand, we offer inviolable or non-reusable closures, also called security closures, designed for events where access control is limited to attendees who have a ticket or pass. Once in place, these wristbands cannot be removed without cutting them off, ensuring that only authorised attendees can access the event or venue. This feature makes them perfect for concerts, festivals, conferences and any single-use event where clear and secure identification is required. Furthermore, although these wristbands must be cut to be removed, many people keep them as souvenirs of the experience, giving sentimental value to their practical functionality.

The uses of our personalised textile wristbands are very varied. They are commonly used in events and concerts for ticket management and attendee identification. They are also popular at shows, universities, sororities, associations and town halls, where they serve as an effective form of identification and promotion. Other uses include political parties, festivals, camps, fairs, conferences, races and marathons, congresses and corporate meetings. They are also a very good choice for sports and recreational activities, offering a convenient and safe way to distinguish groups and participants.

Our personalised textile wristbands are not only functional, but also durable and comfortable to wear. They are made of high quality materials that guarantee their resistance to daily wear and tear and their ability to maintain colours and designs over time. The combination of style, personalisation and practicality makes these wristbands a popular and highly valued choice for our customers.

Product characteristics

  • Dimensions: 1.5 cm wide, available in two lengths (adult and child).
  • Personalisation: personalise in full colour with any logo, design, text, name, name, image, etc.
  • Types of closure:
    • Adjustable / Reusable: Perfect for use as a fashion accessory, everyday accessory or for swapping with friends.
    • Inviolable / Non-reusable: Ideal for single-use events and concerts, ensuring the wristband remains in place for the duration of the event and can only be removed by cutting it off.
  • Common uses: events, concerts, shows, universities, fraternities, associations, town councils, political parties, festivals, camps, fairs, conferences, races and marathons, congresses, corporate meetings, etc.