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Personalised badges

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  • Measurements: 2,5ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Needle type closure.
  • Material: metal.
  • ID: #5041
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Buy badges

Custom badges are a very economical and multipurpose product. They are the classic badges with needles to place on clothing, and are often requested for many occasions. For events, with the logo of the brand or sponsoring company. For weddings, with the date of the wedding or a souvenir photo, or creating plates with funny phrases to distribute among the guests. For birthdays, especially for children, you can create personalised badges with the photo or name of each child or just the birthday boy. You can also order badges for bachelor parties, vindicative badges, or with the logo or symbol of musical groups, video games ... to show the world your hobbies.

We have different sizes of badges, so you can decide if you want to buy small badges more unnoticed (and cheap), or large badges that stand out and look good from afar.

Another interesting fact is that we do not have a minimum order. You can order 1 if you wish. In other online stores you will be forced to buy 100 units minimum or more, but in our case there is no such restriction.

Badges for weddings

One of the most fashionable uses with personalised badges are weddings. The idea is to make custom badges that have a funny and funny design, and small, below the design, which puts the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

That way, you can order badges for all types of typical guests: for singles, for married people, for divorced people, for geeks, for sportsmen, for those who want to flirt that day, for cousins... create all kinds of funny geeky badges and put them on a cork, right after lunch and before the dance, so that each guest chooses his favorite badge and puts it on his lapel to have fun during the whole wedding.

And not only weddings: badges with phrases are used for more occasions, for example, for bachelor parties, events, meetings ... with our online editor you can write any phrase, message or text, as well as choose typography, background color, a small icon, etc..

Other common uses are birthday celebrations, communion parties or baptisms, or any event or act.

Bachelor parties badges

Also the bachelor and bachelorette parties are a typical event to ask for customizable badges, so that all friends who are going to wear them. The idea is that the protagonist of the farewell wears a badge that reads: "I AM GETTING MARRIED". And the rest of friends, badges with funny phrases that make reference to a joke with the future husband or wife, or that make allusion to this day of the farewell.

Cheap personalised badges

An important fact to know is that we have quantity discounts. This means that the more you order (with the same design and size), the cheaper each unit will be. This is ideal for farewells, clubs, village parties, or also for companies, promotional badges, advertising events, and so on.

Without forgetting the possibility of acquiring badges for cheap weddings as we have explained before.

How to make badges

Don't get complicated buying a badge making machine and making badges at home: if there are many badges you will be working many hours, and usually they don't look as good. Take the safe road and order your badges from a company that has been working for decades in the sector of developing, printing and personalisation of gifts.

To make badges you just have to enter our simple online editor, and create the design to your liking. You can put a photo, design or illustration, a logo, write texts, change font, choose background color... there is no limit, design your badges like they are in your head.

We want you to have authentic original badges, send you badges that seem to speak to you and tell you I am your badge.