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Who we are

a little bit of


Spain, 1984, Jesús (CEO) and Eva set up a tiny shop where locals would take their holiday films to be developed. That's the humble origins of Wanapix.

A lot has happened since then, in these 40 years, and despite our seniority, our spirit is as young as that of a startup. That's what we specialise in: reinventing ourselves. Who would have thought! From revealing just a few reels to making hundreds of thousands of shipments every year all over the world and with a catalogue of thousands of personalised products.

we grow while thinking about


Did you know that 100% of the energy we consume is from renewable energy sources?

In addition, 30% of this energy is generated by ourselves, which means that we no longer emit tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

We don't stop there, we also recycle tons of paper and cardboard from factory waste.

hard work pays off

Awards received

Over the years, various public bodies and companies have rewarded Wanapix's achievements, both locally and nationally, in fields as diverse as technology, innovation, quality, etc...

We want to keep on doing things well, while getting better and better!

group adwards
  • Export Award
    May 2022
  • CEPYME Award
    April 2022
  • Aragón en la Red
    June 2019
  • Pyme del Año
    March 2019
  • Ecommerce Adwards
    May 2018

More than just employees


It is important to us that there is a great family atmosphere at Wanapix and that people feel at ease where they work.

We could talk about events (barbecues, inaugurations, cinema reservartions), catering, the gym, Ángela, our beloved physiotherapist... but nothing can match the organic eggs we give to our employees. How many online companies do you know that have their own hens? Not to mention that Santa comes every December with gifts for the children of our employees.

Wanapix is definitely a good place to work. would you like to join us?

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they trust us


All customers are welcome! We treat every customer with the same care and dedication. Both the customer who trusts us to make a gift for Mother's Day, as well as the small and large companies that choose us to manufacture their merchandising with the same demanding standards of quality.


committed to the


Of everything we do at Wanapix, the best thing by far is to be able to collaborate every year with organisations, NGOs and people who live for others, the real heroes.

Because it is not all about selling and making money: "What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Mt. 16:26"

We are happy to pay taxes in our country; we also collaborate in various local cultural activities: Are you a school? Get in touch with us for a guided tour of the factory. Are you an antique lover? Contact us to see our museum, Europe's largest collection of antique photographic items.