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Personalised labels and stickers

Create your own personalised labels, stickers, or patches

In Wanapix you can find a wide variety of personalised stickers (labels, stickers, stickers, stickers, and heat-adhesive patches) with exclusive designs that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. From stickers with names, logos, images and texts, to versatile labels to mark children's products, put names on notebooks and much more.

Personalised stickers for smooth surfaces: paper, cardboard and more

Our catalogue includes stickers in different formats and presentations to suit your needs. If you're organising a special event such as a wedding, party or conference, our roll labels are the perfect choice. Available in various shapes and sizes, we offer you the possibility to buy affordable quantities of personalised stickers to ensure you don't run out at the most important moment.

Or we also offer personalised vinyl stickers, in various different sizes, specially designed to mark products, whether they are stationery: books, notebooks, folders, paints... or any item that can be marked with small personalised stickers. As long as the surface is smooth, they can be stuck on paper, cardboard, wood, metal, etc.

Customised heat seal labels and patches for clothes

If you need to add a personalised touch to your favourite garments, we have heat-adhesive labels specially designed for ironing on clothes and fabrics.

Create your own personalised labels, stickers, or patches

Whether you need small, practical labels to mark your children's clothes at school, or adults who wear special clothes at work. Or larger, eye-catching patches to cover holes or add a touch of style to jackets, backpacks and other accessories, in our catalogue you'll find personalised heat seal stickers that can be ironed onto any suitable fabric.

Discounts for cheap custom stickers

We understand that every customer has specific needs: an order for individuals is not the same as an order for companies. That's why we offer flexibility in ordering. From a few units for personal use, to large quantities for your business. If you need to order many of the same units of personalised stickers, you can take advantage of our quantity discounts: the more of the same units you order, the cheaper the price per unit, giving you the opportunity to save while getting quality personalised stickers.

Explore our different sticker products and be inspired by our design options, as you can create custom stickers from scratch with your design, or choose one of our pre-designed templates so you can edit and create custom labels faster. We're sure you'll find the perfect personalised sticker to express your unique style and add a special touch.

Discounts for cheap custom stickers