Personalised printed pins

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  • Measurements: 1,9ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Butterfly clasp.
  • Material: metal.
  • ID: #2125
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Get a pin!

There are fashions that last over the years. Who hasn't filled their jackets with badges and pins? Now it's back to being a trend! With us, you can design them completely to your liking and you have different models to choose from: square, round or rectangular.

Personalise it with your favourite band or series, your name or a photograph. You can decorate any jacket in a fun and casual way.

A quality pin

Our personalised metal pins are just what you are looking for to give a different touch to your bags, jackets and jackets. Now they are trend again and it's a fun way to decorate your outfit.

Unlike what you'll find in other stores, with us you can make them one hundred percent as you want. You only have to choose images, texts, logos or whatever you imagine to get to give your look the most daring touch. Think about a good customisation and get personal pins with photo exclusive.

The clasp is of the moth type, like the classic ones of always, reason why they are safe. The printing is done in full color on the front with an incredible finish. In addition to being a perfect complement, you can also make celebration pins, because they are an ideal gift from guests in all types of events.

We have quantity discounts, so that the more units you order, the cheaper your order will be. Start creating your own and get the most original of the market.

Make your jacket shine

Pins are once again a trend in the fashion world. Now many people add to their jackets and t-shirts pins personalised to give a different and unique air to their outfit. The ideal is to add between three and five, without saturating the fabric, but providing that touch of distinction.

Design them to your liking with your favorite photos, your favorite group or series logo, or your name. Get unique models with which you can give a casual touch to your look.

It has a butterfly lock. Personalised with the photo, logo or design you want. You can get cheap personalised pins if you order many units, thanks to our quantity discounts. Ideal for celebrations, events, weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays, bachelor parties, etc.

Distinguish yourself from the rest

The small details are what make the difference. Choose our personalised pins to decorate your jacket, shirt or fabric backpack. Combine more than one for a better effect and look to give personality to your look.

Our customised rectangular pins can be designed to your liking. Just choose the image, design or text you like. You can put the logo of your favorite band or if you like to show the colors of your flag, this is the model that best fits.

This type of product is also ideal in events or as merchandising, because you can design them as you need.