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Personalised backpacks

Backpacks with photos

We have a frantic rhythm of life, going from one place to another. We look for comfort above all else, so when it comes to carrying our things, backpacks are more practical than bags. In this section, you will find all our personalised backpacks with photos designed for adults and children.

They are ideal for travel, day care, class or extracurricular activities, among others. But they are also a very original gift, because you won't find a similar model in stores. All of them can be designed with your favorite photos, a drawing or texts.

In addition to school models, our custom string backpacks are also a favorite among our customers. They are used especially for shopping, beach or travel. They occupy very little space and you can carry your belongings comfortably and in a safe way with them.

Choose the model that best suits you and create a unique customization that allows you to make a difference. You'll love it and everyone will want one just like yours.