Personalised money box

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Google Reviews

Hello, I would like to make a complaint! I purchased a blanket for my nieces birthday a few weeks ago and it arrived today. I have yet to see the blanket but my niece, my mum, my sisters, and cousin all think it is amazing and they ALL want one for their birthdays! WHAT HAVE YOU PEOPLE GOT ME INTO! All jokes aside, thank you for an amazing product.. my niece adores it!! I will be buying more for upcoming birthdays next year, once I do I hope I'll get my free birthday one from you guys ;)

N jaindeh (London)

After worrying about delivery and trouble ordering - the blanket arrived this morning. Can I say it is FABULOUS. Delighted with the product, the photos have come out really well. a HUGE thank you. Please get the website sorted your business will go strength to strength. Great Product and Speedy Delivery - Thank you so much

Kathryn (Baildon, West Yorkshire)

I know some months have elapsed since my daughter received the blanket I ordered through your company, but I have been meaning to email and Thank you so much for the Wonderful job you made of the blanket. I live in Australia and our daughter has been living in London for the past 12 months, so for her to receive the blanket with photos of special people from home and also places she has travelled meant so much to her. The clarity and brightness is amazing and once the order was finally placed, the delivery time frame was exactly as you had quoted. Congratulations on a job Well Done. Once again Thank You so Very Much for such a beautiful product.

Charmaine (London, Greater London)


Customised wooden and ceramic money boxes

You can now save in style thanks to our personalised money boxes. We have wooden and ceramic models available, so you can choose the one you like best. It's an ideal gift for boys and girls, so they can start saving their first allowance and learn the importance of saving. As well as for adults, for a couple who want to save up for a big trip together, or for any woman or man who wants to save little by little for a whim or purchase they want to make.

Square wooden money box

One of our models is a modern square money box, made up of an elegant poplar wood frame, with a ChromaLuxe bottom (a very resistant material) and a transparent methacrylate front, so that you can see at all times how much you have saved. The part that can be personalised is the ChromaLuxe background, a material that brings out the colours very well, and which has a great sharpness and printing quality.

This background can be removed very easily by slightly bending the tabs that hold it in place, so that coins and banknotes can be easily removed when desired. To insert the money, it has the classic piggy bank opening. The design of this product is very original and fun, as you can see your money at all times, with a personalised image in the background. You can put a family photo, or as a couple, or of the child in the case of a children's gift.

Classic white ceramic money box

You can also opt for a more traditional model: a piggy bank in the shape of a cylinder, made of white ceramic. It has an opening for inserting money at the top. And at the base there is a lid so you can easily take the money out. You can personalise the entire outside of the money box, on the side, with any image, photo, name or design.

In all our personalised piggy bank models you can choose pre-designed templates that we put at your disposal, with different motifs for various occasions. Or you can customise from scratch, if you want to create a personalised piggy bank completely to your liking.

A very common occasion on which piggy banks are usually given as a gift is at Communion, Baptisms and Weddings, as a gift for guests. Also on Valentine's Day, for couples in love to make their joint savings grow for trips or plans together. And it is also very common for piggy banks to be a children's gift for boys and girls of all ages, so that they can save their first savings from the allowance of parents og grandparents or birthday presents. Learning the value of saving is an important value that can be encouraged from a very young age.

The personalised money boxes do not have a minimum order requirement, you can buy from 1 unit. Although if you need to buy large quantities, we have quantity discounts, so the more of the same units you buy, the less each unit will cost, so you can create cheap personalised money boxes for special events.