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How to make personalised pens

Although we live in the era of technology, it is never too much to always carry paper and pens with you in order to take quick notes. Now you can create original personalised pens for events, such as promotional gifts for events or as details with guests at baptisms, communions, weddings or other events.

If you don't know how to decorate your pens, it's very easy to do it with these personalised models, because you'll be able to design them one hundred percent to your liking. In this section, we have compiled our different models of cheap personalised pens and the engraved. We like to separate them into two well-differentiated blocks:

  • Promotional pens or advertising: they are economic and are ideal as a detail in promotional events, congresses, galas... It is common that their design is more corporative, that is, with the design or logo of a company, for example. We have quantity discounts, i.e. the more units you order, the cheaper each unit will be.
  • Engraved ballpoint pens: this model is much more elegant and sober, so they are usually delivered on more special occasions such as Mother's Day or Father, on birthdays, such as retirement details, and so on. They are customized by engraving and usually a date or a special text is put on them. It is a practical detail and is a very personal detail, because there will not be another equal. They are delivered in high quality cases with magnetic closure, which gives a sensational look and packaging to the gift.

How to remove pen stains from clothing

At clean pen ink stains on clothing, many people opt for homemade tricks that usually do not fail. When the ink is still fresh, you will only need to pick up a clean cloth and remove as much as possible.

Although the oldest and most infallible trick is to use milk to remove the ink completely from the clothes. You have to heat some milk, without boiling, and put it in a container along with the garment and leave it overnight. When you get up, rub the stain with your hands until it is removed and put it in the washing machine as if it were a normal wash. When you take it out and dry it there will be no trace.