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Personalised Who's Who

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  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • 2 boards included (blue and red).
  • Board game with 2 players, from 6 years.
  • Includes 72 cards: 24 cards with blue backs, 24 cards with orange backs, and 24 cards with two-coloured backs.
  • You can add 24 different pictures.
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Customised "Who's Who?" board game

  • Number of players: 2
  • Recommended age: +6 years
  • Game duration: 15-20 minutes

Do you remember the mythical game “Who's Who”, that you played as a child in the 1980s? Now, you can remember those games with an even more fun touch: you are going to be part of the characters in the game!

This product consists of two resistant plastic boards, one red and one blue. Each contains 24 different characters. You can customize this product and you can upload as many photos as you want, from 24 different people. They can be your friends, family, your children, parents, siblings, co-workers... whoever you want!

This way, it will be much more fun to try and guess which character your opponent has chosen. Discard options as you ask the classic questions: is she a woman? does she wear glasses? does she have black hair?


The set contains:

  • 2 plastic boards (one blue and one red)
  • 72 cards (30x40 mm.,matt finish 350 gr), divided into:
    • 24 blue-backed cards (for the blue player)
    • 24 orange-backed cards (for the red player)
    • 24 cards with two-coloured backs (this will be the common deck for the players to pick cards)
  • Cardboard box (27 x 27 x 5.5 cm)

Each deck of 24 cards contains the same photos on the front, so when customising you will have to upload 24 photos, which will appear in triplicate, which is to say once in each of the three decks contained in the set.

How to play Who's Who?

Set up

Each player chooses a board and sits in front of the other player.

Shuffle the deck of secret character cards. Then each player draws one playing card from the deck and lays it into the slot on the front of his game board. This is the character that your opponent has to guess.

Before starting the game, take a good look at the differences between the characters: glasses, hair colour, beard, hair accessories, earrings... all of these will be essential in order to win.

Game development

Who's Who is a turn-based game. The youngest player starts.

In each turn, the active player will ask a question that can only be answered with YES or NO. Depending on the opponent's answer, he will know which characters he can eliminate or discard.

For example: does your secret character have blonde hair?

  • If your opponent answers "yes", you know that the secret character is blond, so you can discard all the people with other hair colours on your board.
  • If your opponent answers "no", you know that the secret character is NOT blond, so in your board you can discard all the people with blonde hair.

To discard a character, simply close the flap with that picture so that it is no longer visible to you.

This way, both players keep asking questions, once at a time.

End of the game

When a player believes that he can already guess who his opponent's secret character is, he can use his or her turn to say the name of that character. This action can only be done once in the whole game:

  • If you guess the character, you win the game!
  • But if you fail... you have lost the game! Your opponent automatically wins.