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Personalised football ball

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  • Measurements: 69ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Size FIFA 5 (official standard size).
  • Material: imitation leather. Two-colour black and white design.
  • Personalised in a hexagon.
  • Air pressure: 0.4-0.6 bar 0.6-0.8 psi.
  • ID: #17563
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Create your own football to be the new "goat"

If you like the exciting world of football, here's something you'll love: our personalised ball. An original product that combines quality, style and personalisation. This ball, made of soft imitation leather and in FIFA 5 size, not only meets the standard measurements for playing football, but also allows you to give it a personal and unique touch.

The ball features a black and white two-tone design, a classic combination that evokes the essence of traditional football. The choice of these colours not only emphasises elegance, but also ensures clear and crisp visibility both on the playing field and for home decoration.

Personalise to your taste

The strength of our ball lies in its personalisation. On one of the hexagons, we can print any photo, logo, text, name or design you wish. Do you want to immortalise the moment when your team won the final, or would you rather carry the crest of your favourite team with you? You can even put your name, a number, a design on it.... With our ball, the choice is yours.

So you can play with this ball, which carries your personal touch, where every shot, dribble and pass will have a special touch. Also, if you are looking for a different and special gift, the personalisation option allows you to create a unique gift for any football fan.

This personalised football is not only meant to be played with. Its elegant design and the possibility of personalisation make it a decorative element that is different and special. Place it in your bedroom, living room or even in your office, and give a football touch to your space.

Personalised football ball

From kids who are taking their first steps in their school team or neighbourhood football club, to teenagers and adults, this personalised football is an ideal gift. Surprise your child with a ball bearing their name and favourite number, or give a friend a unique souvenir of their favourite team.

Quality and originality

The ball is made of soft leatherette, ensuring a pleasant feel and durability. Its FIFA 5 size meets professional standards, guaranteeing a realistic playing experience. It is the standard size of footballs for any adult or teenage match.

Without a doubt, our personalised football offers much more than just a sports product. You can use it on the pitch to show off your skills, as if you were the new Messi or Mbappe; or you can use it as a decorative piece in your home.