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Personalised wooden sorting boxes

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  • Measurements: 17 cm (width) x 17 cm (height) x 4 cm (depth)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • With several compartments and a lock.
  • Box material: balsa wood.
  • Lid material: transparent acrylic plastic
  • ID: #17268
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Personalised wooden boxes with compartments to store objects

Discover our original personalised wooden sorting boxes, the perfect complement to keep your small objects organised in a tidy and fun way. With multiple compartments and different shapes (square or rectangular depending on the model you choose), and with secure closing, these boxes are ideal for those who value both the functionality of a gift and its aesthetic appearance.

Our boxes are made of balsa wood, a light but strong material that guarantees the durability and quality of each box. The lid, made of transparent acrylic plastic, allows a clear view of the inside of the box, adding a modern and sophisticated touch. However, when it comes to design, it is up to you to decide how much of the lid you want to leave covered by the design so that the inside is more or less visible.

The most special feature of our sorting boxes is the possibility of personalising the transparent lid with the image, design, name or text of your choice. You can choose from our pre-designed templates and modify them according to your preferences, or let your creativity run wild and create a completely new design from scratch.Play with transparency to highlight certain parts of the image or keep some areas hidden, according to your personal taste.

Ideas for uses and applications for these sorting boxes

These personalised compartment boxes are ideal for a wide range of uses. You can use them to store jewellery and accessories, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches, keeping them tidy and well stored. They are also perfect for storing small stationery items, such as paper clips, erasers, staples and pins, preventing them from getting lost in the chaos of the desk. Or much more: for dice, tokens and board game tiles; for screws, nuts, and other DIY products; for buttons, zips, needles, threads... etc. And of course, for DIY and craft enthusiasts.

In addition, our boxes are a multi-purpose gift for a variety of occasions. If you are looking for a unique and personalised gift for a birthday, anniversary or special celebration, a sorting box is a perfect choice. You can put a memory shared with the recipient, a special photo or a personalised message on the lid, making it a touching gift full of sentimental value.

They are also an excellent choice as a corporate gift. You can personalise the boxes with your company logo, the recipient's name or any brand-related design. These sorting boxes make an elegant gift that stands out from conventional gifts, leaving a lasting impression on colleagues, employees or business partners.

Customised wooden sorting boxes with compartments