Personalised face masks

face mask
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  • Material: cardboard.
  • Includes an elastic band.
  • Measurements: Adult 19x28 cm / Children 17x25 cm.
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Personalised cardboard masks: let's have a laugh!

Imagine a party where everyone can become anyone, a famous character or even another friend or family member just by putting on a cardboard mask. The personalised masks make this idea a reality. This product is synonymous with fun, laughter and surprises, and has become a popular choice at weddings, birthdays, parties and celebrations. Our masks include an elastic band for a comfortable fit, and the eye area is already pierced.

Personalised cardboard masks are an ingenious way to add a special touch to any event. The idea is simple but effective: you can send a photo of anyone, be it a loved one, a friend, a celebrity or even your own face, and we will transform it into a cardboard mask that you can wear. This opens up a world of possibilities for fun and creativity. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of these personalised masks:

  • Fun weddings: whether for when the bride and groom arrive at the restaurant, or for the party and open bar, it is a very good idea to have several personalised masks with the faces of the bride and groom. And even with the faces of the groomsmen, or the wedding guests. During the celebration, everyone will play at putting on each other's faces, taking selfies, photos at the photocall... they are a lot of fun!
  • Unforgettable birthdays: at birthday parties, personalised masks add a touch of fun and surprise. You can create masks with the birthday boy or girl's face or even with the faces of friends and family to play games, surprise the birthday boy or girl, or to use during the party for fun photos.
  • Themed parties: if you have a themed party, personalised cardboard masks are an ideal addition. You can turn your guests into film characters, heroes, villains or any other theme you have chosen: famous politicians, actors, sportsmen...
  • Family or friends gatherings: at gatherings with family and friends, such as Christmas meals, reunions... personalised masks are a great way to break the ice and guarantee laughter. Imagine your loved ones wearing masks with each other's faces on them! It's hilarious to see faces of friends or your cousins, on other people's bodies.
Personalised cardboard masks

How to create personalised masks

The process is very simple. Upload the photo you want to use in our online editor, and adjust the face as best as possible to the indicated area. It is important that the photo has a good resolution and that the face is looking completely straight ahead for the best results. We will provide you with a preview in our editor, in real time, so that you can make sure that the mask looks as you wish, as well as checking that the eyes coincide with the areas that will later be pierced so that you can see with the mask on.

Each personalised cardboard mask comes with an elastic band so that you can attach it comfortably to your head. The combination of quality and comfort is key to making sure you get the most out of your experience.

Fun and affordable

In addition to the fun and personalisation they offer, our personalised cardboard masks are very economical. And the best thing is, the more of the same masks you buy, the cheaper the price per unit. We offer quantity discounts so you can fill your event or meeting with lots of personalised masks without going over budget.

Don't think twice: personalised cardboard masks are a fun and original choice to liven up any event. Whether it's to add a touch of laughter to a wedding, a birthday or any kind of celebration, these personalised masks make sure that fun is guaranteed for everyone.

Personalised masks for weddings and parties