Personalised clothing stamp

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  • Textile stamps for marking clothing.
  • Includes ink for 20,000 shots. Includes ink reactivation bottle.
  • Non-toxic ink dermatologically tested.
  • Personalises the part to stamp and the casing of the seal.
  • Environmental manufacturing guarantee: environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015.
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Clothes marking stamps

Textile stamps are ideal for marking your children's clothes for school, as children's stamps, but also for work clothes, in the case of using a jumpsuit, vest, etc. They are made of rubber and you can print the design, image or text you want on clothing and textiles.

Two parts are personalised individually: on the one hand, the design or text that you want to stamp, and on the other, the casing of the custom seal . Normally, the same design of the rubber is made to identify it easily.

It's loaded with ink for 20,000 prints and we also include a free reactivator bottle. It is used to reactivate the ink if the pad is drying out, softening any ink that has hardened in the pad. It is also used to clean it, using a cloth, and doing it in a superficial way avoiding damaging it.

If you don't know how to make personalised stamps for clothes, it's very simple. You just have to choose the size that best suits your garments and the color of the ink: white or black. In our editor, you can choose any of our pre-designed templates and adapt them as you want. You can also create your own from scratch, but we recommend that you do not choose designs with many details.

Reactivate stamp

With the passage of time and uses, the ink may begin to dry. It is then the ideal time to reactivate it. First, carefully remove the seal housing . It has two holes in which 2 drops of liquid have to be inserted in each of them reactivator.

After recharging, it is recommended to press several times and wait approximately 12 hours for the liquid to have its effect on the ink.

It is recommended to use the reactivator periodically, putting a few drops on the stamp every 3 months so the ink doesn't dry up.

Information and advice

If you want to keep your seal in perfect condition from the first day, we will give you a series of recommendations and tips:

  • Keep it always with the plastic cover on.
  • The duration of the printing on the garment lasts between 25 and 40 washes, in washes with cold water and using neutral soap.
  • Press firmly, but not with excessive force because, if the fabric is particularly fine, the ink could pass through the fabric.
  • We recommend printing the design on the label of the garment, if you have it and if you have enough space.
  • It is recommended to mark on non-porous surfaces.
  • It is especially important to make prints on different types of fabric (old T-shirts or kitchen towels) until you check the pressure to seal properly and that the ink does not pass through the fabric. Once the tests are done, you will be able to seal the final garments.
  • It is recommended to apply drops of reactivating liquid to the stamp approximately every 3 months, periodically, to prevent the stamp from drying out.

Dermatest Certificate

This product has the Dermatest seal, which guarantees that the ink can come into contact with the skin without causing allergic or irritating reactions. The dermatological test was passed with the rating of "Excellent" according to international standards. The testing was done on humans, meaning no animals were used for the testing.

Environmental certificate

The supplier of our rubber seals has the official certificate of Quality Austria, which certifies that this supplier, in the process of manufacturing the seals, applies and develops an effective environmental management system according to the requirements of the standard ISO 14001:2015.