Personalised hanging toiletry bag

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  • Measurements of the toiletry bag: 23x55 cm.
  • Including hanger for hanging. Color: black.
  • Opening in 3 parts, with different compartments with zips.
  • The customisable part is the whole front part.
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Google Reviews

I've revieved the beautiful blanket you made for my friend it is the most beautiful thing we've ever seen! I can't thank you enough!

Rebecca (St Helens, Merseyside)

The blankets I ordered were fantastic and I have at least 4 friends intersted in ordering with you! Thank you

Rebecca (Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire)

Thank you so much for your efforts I really appreciate it. Your customer service and products are excellent. Thank you so much again,

Emma (London)


The most complete toiletry bag

When you travel it is important to save space in your bag and be able to carry everything comfortably. Don't forget to include a personalised toiletry bag, in which to put all the necessary hygiene items during your stay away from home.

This is our most complete model. It is our personalised travel toiletry bag that you can personalise with designs, images or texts on the front. It has an opening in three parts, with different compartments with zippers and has the ideal size for any type of suitcase.

Hanging toiletry bag

It has a handle to carry your neceser deluxe from one place to another and also includes a hanger. It is very practical because you can hang it open so you can comfortably use all your utensils while you are washing yourself.