Personalised rectangular tin box 13x10

Personalised rectangular tin box 13x10

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  • Measurements: 12,8 cm (width) x 9,5 cm (height) x 5 cm (depth)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Capacity: 650 ml.
  • Material: aluminium.
  • Colour: white.
  • ID: #16352
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Personalised photo tins

Metal photo tins are an essential item on many occasions, due to the multiple uses they have. They can basically be used for an infinite number of things. They are useful for example to make a gift with a special and different wrapping, to contain objects that we want to have located for something in particular or even the classic use as storages for biscuits and cookies. Now you can store whatever you want in these ideal personalised metal tins..

Choose the photo tin shape that best suits your needs. Available in three different formats, rectangular, round or heart-shaped, for the more romantic ones. You can also choose different sizes between these shapes, so you can choose the one that best suits the gift or use you have in mind.

The personalised photo tins are white in colour and you can personalise the lid completely with the design that you like the most.

We all keep a lot of memories that we consider treasures without actually being treasures. We love to add a sentimental value to objects that relate to a particular moment in our lives until they teleport us back to that moment.

These photo tins are perfect for holding these little personal treasures and keeping them close at hand.

Personalise a photo tin for you or as a gift for someone special

In this section you will find a lot of designs created by and for you to have it very easy when it comes to customise your new photo tin box, whether it is for you or to give to a special person.


An endless number of designs that you can personalise with a beautiful and emotive phrase, or perhaps a funny phrase or a special photo that has an incalculable sentimental value. Any option you can think of is valid to personalise on these beautiful aluminum tins..

And if you don't find a design that fits what you had in mind, don't worry, you can also create your own design from scratch, the designs you create will be unique, which means that there won’t be two of the same personalised tins with the same designs in the world.

The most commonly used designs for personalised tins

These ideal personalised metal tins are becoming more and more popular, although there are also uses they have been used for generations. Who hasn't had a little metal tin of the classic Danish cookies at some point in their lives? Surely at this moment you are remembering the one you had when you were little or the one that your grandmother hid all her sewing tools in.

Now you can give the personal touch you need to your photo tin. You can choose a text, an image or a special photo to make a gift that will surprise

  • A special gift for Mother's Day, mothers keep everything their little ones make for them or their most special personal objects from a very young age. Whether it's a drawing they made for their birthday, a dummy or even the identification bracelet they wore at the hospital when they were born. Personalise this beautiful aluminium photo tin with a photo, an emotional text and give it to your mum as a gift where she can store all the small “treasures”.
  • The perfect Valentine's Day gift. A sweet treat for anyone? A classic that never goes out of fashion is to give some kind of sweets on Valentine's Day. Now you can personalise a little tin in any shape you want, although for this time of year, heart-shaped tins are always a top choice for most people and fill it with your partner's favourite sweets, whether they are chocolates or sweets of any kind. Your partner is going to love it!
  • Ideal as a gift for weddings, baptisms and communions. A beautiful, practical and robust detail that makes everyone happy. Personalise it with a funny phrase, with the name of the guests and create a souvenir that they won't mind using in their everyday life. This will not be one of those gifts that end up in a corner.
Personalised tins

All you have to do is think about what occasion you want to use it for or who you want to give it to, create a nice personalised design and we will make sure it looks perfect.