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3D crystal keyring engraved with light

key ring
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  • Measurements: 3 cm (width) x 2 cm (height) x 1,1 cm (depth)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Material: glass.
  • Personalisation method: engraving. Customisable on one side.
  • With blue light.
  • Turns on and off by turning the metal cylinder.
  • ID: #16421
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Personalised 3D crystal keyring with coloured lights

If you are one of those people who like to take care of every last detail, you are in the right place, because our crystal key rings with light are a product that will never go unnoticed. If you like to make a difference even in the smallest details, this is the perfect accessory for you. These beautiful rectangular engraved crystal keyrings are perfect for anyone. Their compact size is ideal to take them with you anywhere you go.

The keyring can be personalised by engraving on one side. As it is transparent glass, the design stands out in an ideal way. You can engrave designs with phrases, names, even photos, creating a unique piece, as it will be personalised exclusively for you and there won’t be 2 keyrings exactly alike.

The personalisation is done on the back of the glass, with a mirror effect, so that the three-dimensional visualisation of the design is more impressive. When you look at the design from the side where the personalisation is not, you will be able to see the design with a 3D effect that will blow your mind.

The key ring has a ring to put the keys inside, but what makes it an exclusive and unique product is that it has a light that will make the design you choose shine with its own light. It is turned on and off by turning the small metal cylinder that is closest to the glass. When turned on there is an LED light, it changes colour smoothly and progressively changing from pink to purple, blue, and red.

Engraved crystal keyring with lights

Personalise the perfect keyring for yourself or as a gift

In this category you will find a lot of designs designed by and for you, we want to make the personalisation process as easy and comfortable as possible. You will be able to choose from a lot of pre-designed templates to modify them quickly with our online editor.

Add names, write phrases, change fonts, upload photos, all in a super easy way to create a perfect design for you or to give as a gift, in just a few clicks.

But you can not only choose from all the designs we offer, if you want something more exclusive, that no one else can ask for a design like yours, you can create your crystal keychain with light from scratch. Create a design and upload it in our editor and we will make sure it is perfect. We are sure that from now on this will be your favourite keyring, with a unique and unrepeatable design.

Give a crystal keyring with light as a gift for weddings, baptisms and communions

We all like to receive a little something when we go to an event and this one will certainly not go unnoticed among your guests. It is a way of thanking our guests for being by our side on such a special day. With our personalised 3D keyrings with light you will surprise them and make them remember that day with great affection.

You can personalise a keyring for each guest with their names or with a design to match the decoration of the event and hang them on a board so that when they arrive each guest can take theirs. You can also put them directly on the plates of each guest so that they know where they belong and they will receive a detail designed by and for each one of them at the beginning of the event. They are sure to love this detail.

All you have to do is let your imagination run wild and personalise it to make it the perfect detail for the occasion.

3D engraved keyring with LED lights