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Custom film roll keychain

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  • Measurements: 4,8 cm (height) x 2,5ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Includes 10 photos printed on the roll.
  • Materials: plastic case, transparent acetate roll.
  • Pull the tab to remove the reel and view the photos. Twist the end of the reel to store again.
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Kodak film key ring with your photos printed on it

If you thought there was no perfect key ring, you are about to change your mind! This is probably the most original and surprising key ring in our entire catalogue. From the look of it this product could be just another key ring, with an original shape but without any further glam to it.. In this case, the key ring is shaped like a Kodak photo reel, the classic reels of the traditional analogue cameras. In yellow and black colours.

The surprise comes when you pull the tab or flap that protrudes from the side of the key ring. If you pull gently, a photographic roll with the look and feel of analogue photographic negatives will appear. Up to 10 personalised photographs will appear on the roll. When it comes to personalising the key ring, you can put the photo you want in each of the nine spaces.

Thus, this key ring is a gift that the person who receives it can always carry with them, with their house or car keys, and every time they pull the tab they can see the photos of their children, partner, friends, or any other family member. Or any other type of images, designs or logos that they wish to add.

How the key ring reel works

To remove the roll and see the photos, you have to pull carefully on the tab which can be found on the side of the key ring. Little by little you will be able to see all the images on the key ring. To roll up the negative again and leave the photos stored, you have to twist the round piece at the end of the key ring, where the metal chain for storing the keys is attached.

The most comfortable way is to insert your finger in the circumference of the chain and start rotating the piece so that it winds up. Or you can just twist the piece by hand. It's easy!

A perfect gift for any occasion

This multi-photo key ring is ideal as a gift for the most typical occasions we all have in mind. On Mother's Day and Father's Day, it's a sure hit, adding family photos on the key ring. You can add photos of the children, of the whole family together, funny photos or other more "formal" ones. The good thing about having so many photos is that there is space for all kinds of photos.

It’s also a perfect gift for Valentine's Day, for anniversaries, with photos of the couple, memories of trips together, etc. Even on Birthdays and Christmas, where it can be a suitable gift for friends, work-colleagues and your extended family that you might not know too well.

How the key ring reel works

It is a cheap gift which is suitable for all budgets. It’s clear that it will surprise the recipient. The best thing is to see the face of someone, when they realise that they can pull the flap and see all the images that appear. What is even better, is that they will be carrying it with them everywhere.

This is without a doubt, one of the latest and biggest trends within original personalised gifts.