Personalised acrylic Christmas ornaments

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  • Measurements: 0,5 cm (thickness) x 8ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Flat ornaments in various shapes.
  • Material: transparent acrylic material. Personalised on 1 side.
  • Includes 2 velvet ribbons for hanging: one red and one green.
  • ID: #16093
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Decorate your Christmas tree in the most original and cheeky way with our acrylic ornaments

A Christmas without a tree is inconceivable. If there is one element that marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities, it is the decoration of the Christmas tree. Bigger, or smaller, natural or artificial, with ornaments of one form or another, the most important thing is that it is not missing in your home.

If this year you don't want to go for traditional Christmas decorations to decorate your Christmas tree, go for the originality that we bring you for this festive season. Our customised Christmas ornaments will be the item you have been looking for to give a different touch to your tree.

This is a transparent acrylic ornament that you can personalise as you like, creating the most original and fun ornaments you have ever seen. In addition, it includes two velvet ribbons to hang it up. One is red and the other is green. Choose the one you want to hang this ornament with.

It can be personalised on one side, just enter our editor, let your imagination run wild and create the perfect ornament for yourself or even as a gift for your loved ones. You are sure to surprise them a lot.

Personalise the coolest ornaments for your tree

We have created a lot of designs so you can easily and quickly customise your ornament with our editor. You can choose any of our pre-designed templates and change names, modify phrases, add images, etc.

Personalised acrylic christmas ornaments boot shaped

But you also have the possibility to create personalised acrylic Christmas ornaments, which means that you can choose one that is in plain transparent colour and add any detail you want, from a photo, a text, a name or a Christmas pattern that you have created yourself.

Best of all, each item is unique, no two ornaments will be the same and that will make them even more special.

Tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree like a real Christmas decorator

When it comes to the location, the most common is to place the tree in the living room or in the sitting area, in short, where we spend most of our time, especially at Christmas. Another option that a lot of people like is to place it in the entrance in order to impress everyone entering your home. Look for a little corner where it can shine in all its splendour, while avoiding placing them in front of doors, windows or passageways.

Whether it's an artificial or natural Christmas tree, try to keep it away from heat sources to avoid any major problems. It's best to be cautious in this respect as no one needs unnecessary scares during Christmas.

When we are going to choose our Christmas tree we always think about what size we choose? It will of course depend a little bit on the space you have and the height of the ceilings you have at home, the key is to find the right proportion. If you have a 3 metre high ceiling a 150 cm tree will look tiny. The best-selling Christmas trees tend to range from 180-185cm in height, but this will depend on each individual case.

Fold out the branches of your Christmas tree, this is only for those of you using an artificial tree, it is important to see all the branches spread out well so that the tree has presence and the whole space looks full, with no gaps.

Choose the theme with which we are going to decorate our tree, which gives a sense of harmony and peace. Think about the colour or colours that you would like to predominate and create the perfect decoration. The most popular colours for Christmas decorations are red, gold and white. They are a safe bet.

Personalised transparent christmas baubles

We will always start decorating the tree with the lights, it is always easier to place them before the decorations so that they are well integrated between the branches of the tree.

Start hanging the biggest ornaments first and leave the smaller ones for last, obviously we have to place them when we are close to the tree, but move away from time to time to get an overview of your tree, from far away you will see a better perspective so that the ornaments are symmetrical and there are no empty gaps.

We love Christmas and hope with all our hearts that this is just the beginning of a unique and personalised holiday season, created with love and care.