Personalised bamboo key ring charger

Personalised bamboo key ring charger

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  • Measurements: 4 cm (width) x 5,3 cm (height) x 1 cm (thickness)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • It allows you to charge devices with Lightning port (iPhone, iPad...), Micro USB and USB-C (others). It must be connected to a power source (PC, plug) via USB or USB-C.
  • Ecological, made of bamboo wood from natural cuttings.
  • Customised on 1 side by direct printing.
  • Power 2A Max. PVC cables: each cable measures 13.5 cm (without plugs). Bamboo central area: 4 cm x 5.8 cm x 0.8 cm.
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Personalised bamboo key ring with Type-C, USB and Micro USB chargers

There are gifts that are original and great for several different reasons, and this is the case of this key-ring charger. It is a key ring made of bamboo wood that contains cables with different types of connection. With this keyring you can charge your mobile phone or tablet, while connecting it to a power source (PC, laptop or USB to plug adapter). It is a product that has all these points in its favour to be a really practical and different gift:

  • It's practical because it contains several chargers of different types: Type C (input and output) and dual micro USB-Lightning connections, with a reversible USB system that makes it easy to connect to the power supply.
  • It is portable, with its small compact size, and, thanks to its keychain format, you will always carry it with you. Every day, you'll grab your house and car keys with this charger always on you.
  • It is eco-friendly, made of bamboo wood from natural cuttings. This avoids using plastic materials for the key ring casing, helping to promote sustainable products.
  • It is personalised, so you can choose a photo, logo, text, names, image... that we will print directly on the surface of the key ring. You can put a family photo or a photo with friends, if it is a gift for one person (there is no minimum quantity of keyrings for orders). Or you can add a logo, if you want a promotional gift.

Which devices is the charger compatible with?

This charger is universal, and allows you to charge virtually any current device:

  • Lightning port is compatible with Apple mobiles and tablets: iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • The USB-C port is compatible with virtually all Android phones and tablets of all brands, as well as portable mp3 players and many more devices. It is the new universal charger.
  • For charging, it has a USB side (to connect to PC or plug with USB adapter) and USB-C (the universal adapter).

Personalised bamboo key ring charger type c USB micro

A perfect promotional gift

This personalised key ring charger is an ideal product as a promotional or advertising gift. You can personalise it with your company logo, name, or add your website address or phone number. Thanks to the quantity discounts available, you can buy many units at a lower unit price the more quantities you order. This way, your customers will always carry this custom key ring charger with your company details on their keyring.