Personalised Beer Mugs

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Vivian (Derby, Derbyshire)

So happy with the blanket, it's amazing. I will definitely be ordering more from you and recommending you to friends and family. Thank you very much.

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Thank you for your prompt reply, much appreciated. I shall certainly be recommending your company based on your excellent after sales service.

Kim (Cardiff, South Glamorgan)


Enjoy company!

If there's one drink par excellence that people like, that's beer. And there is nothing better than sharing it with the people you love. Therefore, we recommend that if you are a lover of this drink, you should have at home our personalised beer tankards. Why? Because we are sure that you will enjoy it much more.

In this section, you will find our best beer jugs to give away and in different materials. All, of course, are personalised, which allows you to take care of every detail and create an exclusive and original model. You only have to design it with your favorite photographs or images, a text...

These original beer jugs are the ideal gift for any occasion: birthdays, Mother's Day or Father's Day, among others. They taste very much and are very practical.

Which one to choose?

We have three different models of personalised tankards. If you don't know which one you can choose, we're going to explain one by one what characteristics they have. This way it will be much easier for you to choose, although we believe that each one has its own charm:

  • German beer tankard: they are the most typical and one of the most popular models among brewers. They are tankards of ceramic beer and the ones that have more capacity of our catalogue: 650 ml. It has decorative incrustations, which makes it very complete and different from those you will find in other shops.
  • Glass beer tankards: these are made of transparent glass and have a capacity of 500 ml. As they are transparent, the personalisation is more tenuous than the previous one. In this model, we especially recommend customizing it with text, because the result will be incredible.
  • Translucent glass beer tankards: if you like to drink this very cold drink, we recommend this model, because it keeps the temperature much better. It also has a capacity of 500 ml and, unlike the previous one, this model is made of translucent glass. Its finish is very pleasant to the touch and you can design it as you want.

You already know its characteristics, now you can start creating your personalised tankard online. If you belong to a fandom, you can also make it with motifs from those movies or series: beer jug of the Throne Game, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter...

How to serve beer

The first thing to keep in mind when serving this drink is that the container is very important. Avoid drinking from the bottle itself, as it removes effervescence and adds temperature. Once you have chosen any of our jugs, you can cool it in the fridge for about 20 minutes. So when you go to serve it will be cooler.

The next step is to pour the drink over the pitcher. To throw it well, it is necessary to incline the container in an angle of 45 degrees so that it does not form a lot of foam. Depending on how much you like the foam you can tilt it more or less. Some people prefer to take it without any foam, although in bars you will see that they leave about a centimeter and a half.

Cold, with the exact measure of foam and in the company of friends. This is how a good beer is going to make you feel better.