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Personalised Caps

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  • Size guide
  • Measurements: 17ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Material: 100% cotton.
  • Suitable for washing machine.
  • One size fits all.
  • Adjustable with Velcro.
  • ID: #6697-485
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How to personalise a cap

Accessories are a fundamental part at the time of dressing. Personalisation allows to take care of all the small details and obtain something unique. If you feel like doing something original and different, create custom caps.

We have two models: for adults and children. The main difference is the size, since the measurements of the head vary between children and adults. Another difference is the colors, depending on which of the two models you choose you can choose one color or another. Adult caps are two-tone, while personalised caps for children are one color.

You can adjust the size using the Velcro at the back. Otherwise, flat caps for men or women are standard, the typical one you have seen so many times on the street, but this time to your liking and thought by you. They are unisex, the only thing that changes is the design you choose. There will be no other like it.

Our personalised caps are designed on the front, so you can put any picture, design or text. We will print it on it in full color with the best quality.

Personalised Flat Caps

Flat caps have been a very popular accessory around the world for many years. Many people like to wear them every day, although most prefer them in summer, to avoid heatstroke. Now you can create custom caps online in our editor and make a difference.

We have found that there are some designs or patterns that are more successful than others and we want to comment to give you some idea if you still do not know how to design a cap. Write down all our ideas and create your most original model:

  • Baseball caps are very popular, especially with American baseball team emblems. For example: the Yankees cap. In the United States, this accessory is an icon of popular culture in recent decades.
  • Another sport that mobilizes masses in the United States is basketball. Chicago Bulls caps are top-sellers and now you can design them with the name of your favorite player or with your name and number.
  • This accessory is characteristic of urban tribes. The rap caps, among others, are the most worn. Also skaters usually wear them, with their own style, with graffiti style signatures and the like.
  • The main function, besides being an accessory, is to protect you from the sun. Custom cycling caps are also in high demand. It is common to have the visor facing upwards, for comfort.

The rest of the designs are aimed at family or personal gifts. They order personalised caps for couples, friends, birthday parties, with names, for sisters, etc. Personalize your cap now and get a different and very special model.

Advertising caps

Caps have always been a very sweet tooth when it comes to creating merchandising for a company. We have very competitive prices, as well as quantity discounts. The more equal units you buy, the more the unit price will be lowered. This is an advantage when buying cheap personalised caps.

Create cheap flat caps by customising them with your company logo, event logo or corporate colours. They are similar to the popular custom trucker caps that are in such high demand today.

How to wash a cap

Normally, the usual procedure for washing a garment is to look at what it says on the label. You can put our caps in the washing machine, but not in the dryer. But if you want to preserve their color and take care of it, it is better to wash it by hand.

Wash it in cold water because as it is very coloured, we prevent it from shrinking or fading. Put it in a container with detergent. After rinsing it you will only have to let it dry. So that it does not deform, you can put a towel inside so that it does not lose its shape during drying.

Create an original personalised cap, adult size. Personalised flat caps ideal for men or women.

There are several models available, all of them in two colors. You can personalise the front of the cap with a photo, design, logo, text, etc.

The material is of high quality: 100% cotton . It has rear closing with velcro, for adjusting.

Suitable for washing machine. Not suitable for tumble-drying.

Children's caps

Children only think about having fun, so on days of intense heat they should be protected against the sun. Our children's personalised caps are perfect for them and you can personalise them as you like.

Available in four different colors: white, green, red and blue. Design them with your photograph, the design of your favorite fictional character or your name. It's adjustable with Velcro at the back so it can fit snugly to the head.

Personalised infant caps

Create an original children's cap personalised with any photo, the name of the child, an image or design, etc.

Machine washable . Not suitable for tumble-drying, air-dry.