Personalised career apron

Personalised career apron

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  • Measurements: 60 cm (width) x 86 cm (height)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Covers back and front of body.
  • Self-made. 100% polyester. Customisable on front and back.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Popular gift for teachers and educators. known as a smock.
  • ID: #2817-2806




Personalised aprons for professions

This type of apron is very successful as a gift for professionals of different trades: teachers, hairdressers, fishmongers and butchers, gardeners ... and of course cooks and cooks, of course. After all, it's a kitchen apron, so for a chef it's also a perfect gift.

Its main characteristic and what makes it special is that it is an apron that covers the front of the body and the back. That is to say, it is a kind of bib - t-shirt, to cover well the body from the front and the back. This differs from traditional aprons that only cover the front, and behind only have the rope to tie to the back.

These aprons are customizable from the front and the back: so the customization is complete and you can create an apron completely to your liking. You can customize with photos, name, date, text or phrase, images, logos, etc..

Aprons for teachers

This apron is a very popular gift for those looking for personalised aprons for teachers. We have several designs related to educators, teachers and professors. It is usually given at the end of the course by all students. Of course, it serves for many other trades and professions, but undoubtedly a design type teacher apron is the most requested.

Washing instructions

  • Suitable for washing machine.
  • Maximum washing temperature: 30°.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Iron at low temperature.
  • Suitable for dryer. Dry at low temperature.

All measurements of these textile products are approximate and may be affected by the process of image transfer and confection.

Guarantee of quality

Textile products labelled with the OEKO-TEX® brand guarantee that all their components meet the required control criteria, including accessories such as rivets, buttons, zippers, interlinings, etc. Textiles with the OEKO-TEX® quality seal have skin-friendly properties.

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