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Personalised double layer thermal mug

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  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Capacity: 600 ml. Height: 17.2 cm. Diameter: 8.8ø cm (top) / 6.8ø cm (bottom).
  • Double layered: keeps cold and hot for hours.
  • Material: recycled stainless steel. BPA free.
  • Personalisation method: engraving.
  • Includes snap-on lid, easy-open dispenser and rigid handle for convenience.
  • Wash by hand. Not dishwasher or microwave safe.
  • ID: #17713-572258
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Double-layer thermal mug: your best companion to go out of the house with your drink

Discover the double-layer thermal mug, the must-have accessory for all those who want to enjoy their favourite drinks at the perfect temperature, no matter where they are. Made from recycled stainless steel, this mug is not only durable and functional, but also an environmentally friendly option, as you are avoiding using disposable plastic cups. With a capacity of 600 ml, it is ideal for carrying a drink for your day-to-day life, whether at work, university, the library or on your travels.

The design of this thermal travel mug features a double wall that ensures the temperature of your drinks is maintained for hours. This means your coffee will stay hot on cooler mornings, and your iced tea will stay cool on hot summer afternoons. Double-layer insulation technology minimises temperature transfer, preventing the outside of the mug from getting hot or cold, ensuring comfortable handling in all circumstances.

For added convenience and practicality, this personalised mug includes a snap-on lid, which ensures an airtight seal, preventing accidental spills. It also comes equipped with an easy-open dispenser, allowing you to drink comfortably and safely on the go. Its rigid handle provides a secure and ergonomic grip, making it easy to carry and handle.

Personalise your thermal mug to your liking

One of the most outstanding features of this thermal mug is its possibility of personalisation. You can choose any image, logo, text or design to make this mug a unique and personal item. This makes it a perfect choice as a personalised gift, whether for friends, family or colleagues at work or at the gym. Anyone will be delighted to receive a travel mug with a special photo or message with a meaning, names, date, etc. It's also a great option for companies who want to promote their brand in a practical and eco-friendly way by creating thermal mugs with their logo on them.

Available in different matte finish colours, you can select the one that best suits your style or preference. Matte finishes not only offer a sophisticated look, but are also fingerprint resistant, keeping your mug looking clean and stylish.

Ideal for any occasion

Its design is inspired by the famous Stanley Thermos, and ensures that this thermal mug fits perfectly in the cup holder of your car, making it very practical to take on trips. No more worries about spills while driving. Plus, its sturdy handle makes it easy to carry, allowing you to take your favourite drink with you wherever you go.

Its material, recycled stainless steel, not only ensures long-lasting durability, but also reflects a commitment to sustainability. By choosing this mug, you are opting for a product that contributes to the reduction of waste and the conservation of natural resources.

It is therefore a very practical mug for your daily commute, a companion for your study time at the library, or a personalised gift that will demonstrate your level of thoughtfulness. The double-layered thermal mug is the perfect choice. With its combination of functionality, design and personalisation, this mug will quickly become an essential part of your daily routine.

Personalised double-layer thermal mug

Security guarantee

These cups are BPA Free. In other words, they do not contain BPA, which stands for bisphenol-A, a chemical that can pose health risks. You can therefore have complete confidence in the food use of these cups, with all the guarantees of safety.