Personalised Engraved Gas Lighter

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I bought two personalised polar blankets from you and was very happy with the quality of them and the efficiency of your service. Thank you and I will definitely purchase from you again.

Tahmina (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire)

I know some months have elapsed since my daughter received the blanket I ordered through your company, but I have been meaning to email and Thank you so much for the Wonderful job you made of the blanket. I live in Australia and our daughter has been living in London for the past 12 months, so for her to receive the blanket with photos of special people from home and also places she has travelled meant so much to her. The clarity and brightness is amazing and once the order was finally placed, the delivery time frame was exactly as you had quoted. Congratulations on a job Well Done. Once again Thank You so Very Much for such a beautiful product.

Charmaine (London, Greater London)

Hello, I would like to make a complaint! I purchased a blanket for my nieces birthday a few weeks ago and it arrived today. I have yet to see the blanket but my niece, my mum, my sisters, and cousin all think it is amazing and they ALL want one for their birthdays! WHAT HAVE YOU PEOPLE GOT ME INTO! All jokes aside, thank you for an amazing product.. my niece adores it!! I will be buying more for upcoming birthdays next year, once I do I hope I'll get my free birthday one from you guys ;)

N jaindeh (London)


Don't run out of fire

In this section, you'll find our engraved lighters. There are two models to choose from: one silver and one black. You can personalise both models on one or two sides, engraving the image, logo or text that you want.

It is one of those essential items that always need to have on you. It's also perfect as a gift for a smoker, because it is a very elegant personalised lighter that you can design in detail with his name. It has to be filled with gasoline and its use is very simple, just lift the lid and turn the wheel.

A must have in your pocket

There are things that make your life easier and one of them are the lighters. It's always good to have one with you at all times, just in case, and it doesn't take up too much space. Our silver plated personalised lighters are perfect for it. The interior has an aged finish and the outside has a glossy silver finish.

You can personalise it as you want for one side as well as for both, saving your name, a date or a photo. You decide how you want it. It's very elegant and can be recharged with gas whenever you need it.

Personalised by engraving, which gives a spectacular and very elegant result. These personalised lighters have a shiny metallic grey colour. They have the classic operation consisting of lifting the lid and turning the roulette so that the flame comes out. If you have to make an original gift for a smoker, this personalised lighter will be a sure hit.

Do you need a lighter?

At the time to leave home there are a number of essentials that can not be missing in your purse or pocket: the mobile, keys, wallet and lighter! They are very practical and it is always good to carry one with you.

Our personalised lighters are very elegant, with a spectacular matt finish, and are made of petrol, so you can fill them in as many times as you like. It is customizable on 1 or 2 sides, you decide. You can record the image or text you want and get a unique model that surprises everyone.

Personalised by engraving, which gives a spectacular and sophisticated result. These personalised lighters have matte black color. They have the classic operation of lifting the lid and turning the roulette so that the flame comes out.

If you have to make an original gift for a smoker, this personalised lighter will be a sure hit.

It is shipped in a free case for product protection. The inside of the lighter is untreated and ungalvanized. Gas not included.