Personalised fleece blankets

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  • Personalised with a multitude of photos or any design
  • Suitable for washing machine and dryer.
  • Full print, with no white border.
  • Thickness: 300 gr/m2.
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Google Reviews

I have just received my keyring. How can I thank you enough it is amazing, thank you.x

Danielle (West Midlands)

Received my blanket this morning and would like to say how pleased I am with it. I will certainly recommend your company and would use you again myself. Many thanks.

Julie (Cornwall)

My order has just arrived! It looks fantastic, thank you to you and your team. I will definitely be recommending to my friends!

Jon (London)


How to make a blanket

Can there be a better plan than sofa, film and blanket at home? We don't think so either. And that's because with our personalised blankets it is enjoyed even more, because they have fleece and they are very warm. What differentiates us from other manufacturers, is that we make your blanket as you want with your favorite photographs and texts to create a unique and special memory.

A priori, you may think it is complex, but let's explain how to make a personalised blanket. Our editor is very simple of use, because you only have to choose the size you want and personalise it with any of our pre-designed templates or, if you prefer, create the design from scratch by adding your favorite photos.

Our polar blanket is a good gift on any occasion, so you don't need to look for excuses, because you don't need them to give this awesome blanket.

Washing instructions

  • Maximum wash 40º
  • Do not centrifuge
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Mild ironing
  • Do not use bleach or detergents

Certificate of non-flammability: ISO 12952. Report 2011an2084.

How to put a blanket on a sofa

A blanket can also have a decorative function in your living room. Normally, it is placed on the sofa as another element, next to the cushions. The personalisation allows you to take care of the details, so you can make your blanket and cushions match or have similar tones, so they will be together.

What can raise more doubts is how to place the blanket on the sofa. There isn't only one way, but you can innovate as much as you want. The simplest and quickest is to extend it completely and cover the sofa. If the blanket you choose is not so big, you can also play with the placement and instead of putting it straight, you can extend it diagonally and put the cushions on top.

If you don't want to completely cover the sofa, you can fold it and place it from side to side of the sofa in a rectangle shape. However, the best option is to put it on one side of the sofa or to place it crookedly from above and cascading down. These are more "messy" forms, but that's where the special and different touch resides.

Other indications

Our personalised polar blankets are 100% polyester and have a thickness of 3 mm. They are manufactured in Spain and the base colour is white. The finish is conventional plush and they are thermoset. With time, for most blankets, small balls or lint are formed, also called peeling, however with ours this does not happen. We put in the maximum quality and care.

The measurements are approximate and, during the process of cutting and printing with heat, can vary up to seven centimeters with respect to the measures indicated.

Weight of the blankets per m2: weight/m2: 300 gr/m2 approx. minimum.

  • Size 75 x 100 - 234 gr.
  • Size 95 x 140 - 392 gr.
  • Size 120 x 190 - 754 gr.
  • Size 160 x 240 - 1.1 kg.

Quality assurance

Textile products labelled with the OEKO-TEX® brand guarantee that all their components meet the required control criteria, including accessories such as rivets, buttons, zippers, interlinings, etc. Textile products with the OEKO-TEX® quality seal have skin-friendly properties.

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