Personalised football socks

pair of socks
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  • Size guide
  • Measurements: 20 cm (width) x 12 cm (height) x 0,4 cm (thickness)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Fabric: 98% polyester, 2% elastane / Foot: 70% cotton, 28% polyester, 2% elastane.
  • Sizes: 35/38, 39/42, 43/46.
  • The design created is printed on each of the socks.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.
  • ID: #17145-419972
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Personalised socks for athletes

For all those who always have a ball at their feet? Personalised football socks are the ideal gift! Personalise them with your team crest, your name, your number, your initials or a photo of your favourite player... the possibilities are endless.

These socks are available in different sizes, applicable to any sport where high socks are used. The best thing is that they can be customised with the colour you want, adding the design, photo, text or phrase you like the most. We have pre-designed templates that will make the task easier and more fun, so that you only have to add, modify or delete what you want. We personalise by sublimation on the sock, which has a black foot and terry sole, and a white leg (the latter will be the part that will be personalised).

Take a look at the designs we propose, you will surely find one that suits your boyfriend, your sister, your cousin or your friend, if they play football in a team, or other sports where high socks are also used. With personalised socks you make sure that your gift will be useful to them and that they will use them during matches and training sessions. In addition to being an original gift, it is a personalised gift, created especially for that person.

Machine washable (low temperature) and tumble dry.

An essential item for the athlete

Sports socks are an essential part of a player's uniform (whether in football or any other sport) or a person who cycles, runs, etc. They are designed to cover the legs and legs of the player. They are designed to cover the legs and ankles, providing protection and comfort during sporting activity - almost as important as wearing the right shoes!

Personalised football and sports socks

They are made of breathable and stretchy materials that allow freedom of movement while playing, walking, etc., and are designed to stay in place throughout the match or sporting activity, helping to prevent injury or chafing.

Applications of custom football socks

They can be ideal for various purposes, such as:

  • Protection and comfort: the socks are made with high quality materials that provide protection and comfort for athletes. For football players, they protect the legs from rubbing against the ground in falls, or in contact with players from the opposing team.
  • Team identification: they can help identify players from a particular team. Unique design and colours can make players stand out on the field and be easily recognisable to teammates and spectators.
  • Style, personalisation and differentiation: they can include numbers, names or initials to help distinguish players on the field. They can reflect the style and personality of the person wearing them. You can choose your own designs and colours so that the socks suit your tastes and make you feel more comfortable and confident while playing your favourite sport.
  • Motivation and sense of belonging: personalised football socks can increase players' motivation and sense of belonging to the team, as it allows them to feel like members of the same group.