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Pack of 3 personalised golf balls

pack 3 golf balls
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  • Measurements: 4,2ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Set includes 3 white double-layer balls and 4 coloured wooden tees.
  • Presented in a transparent bottle with cap.
  • Personalisation by engraving or printing.
  • ID: #17747
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Personalised golf balls: perfection and style in every swing

Discover our exclusive set of personalised golf balls, ideal for players of all levels looking to combine performance and style on the golf course. This set includes 3 white double-layer golf balls and 4 wooden tees in various colours, presented in an elegant clear bottle with cap. So, whether you want to find the perfect gift for a golf lover, or have a collection of personalised golf balls with logo for a golf club, our personalised golf balls are the ideal choice.

These golf balls are designed for maximum performance and durability. Each ball is composed of a double layer, which provides excellent control and distance. The outer layer is made of a tough material that ensures durability, while the inner layer is designed to maximise the energy of the strike, allowing you to reach greater distances with precision.

The set also includes 4 wooden tees, available in different colours, to add a touch of style and personalisation to your game. These tees are robust and designed to withstand multiple uses, ensuring you have everything you need to enjoy a perfect round of golf. And a birdie will taste even better if you get one of these personalised golf balls.

Unique personalisation

One of the most outstanding features of our golf balls is the possibility to personalise them by engraving or printing. You can choose to add any logo, image or design on the surface of the balls, making them an ideal gift for companies or clubs wishing to promote their brand or for individuals who want to add a personal touch to their golf equipment.

Personalisation not only adds aesthetic value, but can also help identify your golf balls on the course, preventing loss and confusion. Our personalisation process guarantees a high quality print or engraving that will stand up to use and the conditions of the golf course. Their high quality and originality will allow the golfer who owns them to show them off in the clubhouse.

The set of personalised golf balls comes in a transparent bottle with cap, which not only protects the balls and tees, but also offers a stylish and practical presentation. This bottle is ideal for transporting your balls and tees in a safe and organised way, ensuring that you always have what you need for your game at hand.

Curiosities about golf

Why do golf balls have dimples?

Dimples on golf balls are not just an aesthetic detail, but play a crucial role in their performance. Dimples create a layer of turbulent air around the ball, which reduces drag and allows the ball to travel further and more accurately. This technology was developed after observing that golf balls with uneven surfaces tended to fly better than smooth ones. Since then, the dimple design has been refined to optimise aerodynamics and improve play.

The origin of golf

Golf has a rich and fascinating history dating back several centuries. Although there is debate about its exact origins, it is believed that modern golf began in Scotland in the 15th century. The first documented records of a game similar to today's golf date back to 1457, when King James II of Scotland banned the game because it interfered with military training. Since then, golf has evolved and expanded globally, becoming one of the most popular and respected sports around the world.

Personalised golf balls