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Personalised photo strips

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  • Measurements: 5,5 cm (width) x 20 cm (height)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Material: matt laminated paper 300 gr.
  • ID: #15959
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Photo developing on photo strips

Discover the new trend in photo developing: the personalised photo booth strips. are strips in an elongated format, on which you can place your favourite photos: selfies, photographs with your friends and family, memories of trips with your partner, or any image or design. In our Online Editor you can choose between some pre-designed templates, to create your strips more comfortably and quickly, with templates to place 4 photos per strip, or 2 photos and a text, among other options. But if you prefer, you can create the personalisation from scratch, to put whatever you want: photos, texts, names, a design, etc.

We offer you two different materials to choose from. On the one hand, photographic strips of high quality paper and grammage. The most traditional and classic option, to enjoy the traditional photographic development in a new and fun format. The other option is to create your photo strips on magnetic material. This material is a flexible magnet, which can be bent without breaking. It's ideal for decorating your fridge with your most special photos, or to place on any magnetic surface.

You can use these strips in different ways. For example, as original bookmarks. this way you will always be able to see your favourite photos in those moments of reading. You can also place them on a fridge, as a decoration, to make you smile every time you see the pictures. You can also place them on a corkboard, in a photo frame on your bedside table or bookshelf. Even for events, giving photographic strips to guests at a wedding, christening, communions or for a stag or hen party.

There is no minimum order quantity: you can personalise and buy just one photo strip. Although if you want to order several of the same strips, we have quantity discounts, so the more of the same units you order, the less each unit will cost you.

You can also enjoy the option of a pack of 4 strips. These packs allow you to purchase 4 strips, each with different photos. This makes it easier to buy several strips at once, without having to personalise them one by one. In the case of the packs, you will personalise all 4 strips at the same time, each one with the photos or text of your choice.

We send each order inside a paper envelope, so that the photo strips are well stored and protected.