Personalised thimble

Personalised thimble

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  • Measurements: 2,3 cm (width) x 1,7 cm (height) x 2,3ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Silver thimble.
  • Oval zone personalised with photo.
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Personalised Thimble

Do you like sewing? In that case, you have to have the best tools to be able to make the arrangements you want to your clothes. Our personalised thimbles are a must for any seamstress or tailor. They are very practical and useful for those who love sewing.

But unlike the classics of all life, you can personalise this as you wish. We recommend you to design it with an image or with a lovely text to make it as unique and exclusive as possible. We will print your customisation in full color with an incredible, high quality finish.

It's an ideal gift for any occasion, but especially for collectors, because you can create as many different models as you want. Surely there won't be one as original as the one you can create.

Silver plated thimble with the photo of your choice

Thimbles have been used for centuries to aid in hand weaving and sewing. It is believed that they date back to the time of the Egyptians, who used them to weave linen cloth. Since then, thimbles have evolved and today there are many different types for different uses. Some thimbles have pointed tips to help thread through small holes, while others have rounded tips to hold the thread without damaging it.

There are also thimbles of different sizes and materials, such as plastic, metal or wood. What is clear is that, despite all the types of thimbles that exist, few are as original as these personalised thimbles, as they are embedded with the photograph of your choice, and you won't find that in any shop!