Personalised split Heart engraved Keychain

Personalised split Heart engraved Keychain

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  • Measurements: 3,4 cm (width) x 2,7 cm (height) x 0,2 cm (thickness)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Material: steel.
  • 2 independent key rings that fit together.
  • Personalisation on 1 side. Engraving method: laser.
  • Includes swivel snap hook with trigger.
  • ID: #15584
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Split-heart shaped key rings

One of our most original and romantic gifts for couples and lovers. It consists of a pack of 2 keyrings, each one in the shape of a half heart, so that when they are joined they fit together in the shape of a full heart. Choose a photo or put names or dates, and we engrave it on the heart by laser engraving. Or you personalise the heart as a whole, so that when you take each keyring separately, each one will have half of the image. It can be personalised on one side.

Each key ring is independent, with its metallic sphere to keep the keys. The keyrings are metallic, very resistant, and are delivered in a case for a better presentation.

This set of two "split" heart-shaped keyrings is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or simply to surprise your partner at any time.

Why this pack of 2 engraved keyrings is a great gift for lovers

Giving an engraved "broken heart" keyring as a gift has several advantages that make it special and unique. As we said before, this keyring consists of a pack of 2 personalised keyrings, each one with the shape of a half heart, so that when the 2 keyrings are put together, the figure of a complete heart is perfectly formed with the photo or phrase with which it has been personalised.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing this type of keyring as a gift:

  • Romantic symbolism: The "split heart" key ring symbolises the love shared between two people. By giving it as a gift, you are conveying a message of love and fidelity, as it represents the union of two hearts that complement each other: your partner's and yours (ohhh... how romantic!).
  • Personalised design: The possibility to personalise the entire heart with a chosen photo or design makes this keyring really special. Only when the two keyrings are put together, the desired image or design is fully revealed, creating a striking and romantic effect.
  • Unbeatable price: it is a "2 for 1" gift: The "broken heart" keyring is priced similarly to other engraved keyrings, with the big difference and advantage that you are actually buying 2 separate keyrings for the price of one, making it a very economical gift.
  • Shared gift: This keyring is perfect for couples in love, as each member of the couple will have one half of the heart to carry with them. It is a symbolic gift that brings the couple together and reminds them of their special connection every time they use their keys.
  • A practical gift: In addition to all its romantic meaning, it is still a pack of key rings! So it has the practical side of using key rings, which is to be able to carry all your house or car keys comfortably so you don't lose them.
Pack of 2 engraved Split Heart key rings