Personalised wooden keyring with seeds

key ring
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  • Measurements: 0,3 cm (thickness) x 3ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Material: beech wood.
  • Includes capsule with pine seeds.
  • Personalisation method: engraving.
  • Personalised on 1 side.
  • ID: #17408
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Engraved wooden keyring with seeds: an ecological and different gift

Discover our personalised wooden keyring with pine seeds, a different product that combines the elegance of beech wood with the sustainability of pine seeds, all with the unique touch of personalisation. This key ring is not only a practical accessory to carry your keys, but also a statement of commitment to environmental care. With its customisability, it makes the perfect gift for a wide variety of occasions, such as an unforgettable wedding favor for your guests.

This key ring is round and made of beech wood, a material known for its durability and natural beauty. Beech wood is soft to the touch and has an elegant look that suits any style. Its smooth texture and timeless appearance make this keyring an accessory that anyone will love.

The most original thing about this keyring is the built-in perforated area containing pine seeds. This little detail not only adds a striking element to the keyring, but also promotes sustainability and a love of nature. These seeds can be planted in a pot with the right soil and watered to see how they grow.

What makes this key ring unique is its ability to be personalised. You can make it a unique and special gift by engraving any design, name, text, logo or message you wish on the beech wood. This means you can add a personalised touch that makes it meaningful to you and the recipient. Whether you are giving it as a wedding gift or as a present for a loved one on a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, personalisation will give it great sentimental value.

Engraved wooden keyring with seeds

Uses of the ecological key ring with seeds

This personalised wooden keyring with seeds is suitable for a wide variety of occasions and events. Here are some of the most prominent applications:

  • Wedding present: if you are planning your wedding, this keyring is ideal as a thank you gift for your guests. The personalisation with your names and wedding date makes it a lasting reminder of your special day. Wedding favours with seeds or small plants are also very fashionable at the moment, and you can take advantage of the quantity discounts available.
  • Anniversary present: celebrate an anniversary with an engraved key ring that shows your names and the date your love story began. You can plant the seeds together as a way of symbolising the couple's growth.
  • Promotional gift: customise these key rings with your company logo and give them to customers, partners or employees as a thank you gesture or as part of your sustainable marketing strategy. You'll send a signal that your brand is committed to the environment, and you'll also build your brand by getting tens or hundreds of people to use a product with your logo on it every day.
  • A gift for a friend: show your affection for your closest friends with personalised key rings engraved with messages that reflect your unique friendship. You can put your names on them, or something fun that only you will understand.
Organic personalised keyring with seeds