Personalised mugs for children

The moment to leave the bottle and move to the glass is very special for them. It is time to learn to eat and drink alone. A symptom of them growing up. We have children's plastic mugs designed entirely for the youngest. It is an unbreakable mug for children, so no matter how much it falls, it will never break.

We have children's mugs to give on birthdays, for Christmas... They are a very original gift with which to surprise your little one. You can also give communion mugs for girls as a gift. She will love it.

You can completely personalise them to your liking with the design or photograph you want. If not, you can also opt for some of our pre-designed templates. You can also make mugs with children's drawings. Just scan their drawings and upload them, designing the mug to your liking, we'll do the rest.

Children's mugs

The personalised children's plastic mugs are perfect to take to school. If the child stays to eat at school, you can personalise one. You can also personalize children's birthday mugs so that they can take a small gift of the celebration with them. You can name each child and create children's decorated mugs. They will love to have such a special gift of their friend's birthday.