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valentines day designs

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Valentine's Day cake toppers

Personalised cake toppers for Valentine's Day

Surprise your partner on Valentine's Day with personalised cake toppers with special Valentine's Day designs. Choose one of our topper models and the design you like the most, and personalise it to your liking, adding your names, initials, your anniversary date, or even a photograph of you together on holiday, at your wedding, or something that you love because you look so beautiful together.

The gift can be even more special if you prepare a nice homemade cake yourself, with chocolate, orange, lemon, apple or whatever flavour you like. You can prepare a special lunch or dinner, and, for dessert, bring out the cake with the Valentine's Day topper pinned on top of the cake. This gift is a surprise that will delight your partner and will make Valentine's Day even more romantic and special.


  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit.
  • Material: transparent methacrylate.
  • Customised on one side.
  • Several shapes available.