Personalised aluminium prints

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  • Sizes: 20 cm (width) x 20 cm (length)
  • Without minimum quantity
  • Material: High quality GT11 composite aluminium. Lightweight, strong and durable.
  • Direct printing on aluminium plate.
  • Available in 2 finishes: white and brushed (sizes 50x75 and 75x100 only in white).
  • Includes metal plate for hanging.
  • ID: #14625
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Marijke (Joure, NL)
bought: Aluminium print 40x60
"finish not nice at edges and corners."
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Stéphanie (Villars-les-dombes, FR)
bought: Aluminium print 20x20
"Very nice original creations and good value for money"
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Yolande (Conde sur l escaut, FR)
bought: Aluminium print 20x30
"A little more shine would be great"
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Mirjam (Amersfoort, NL)
bought: Aluminium print 20x30
"Very happy with it"
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Claudia (Cuarte de huerva, ES)
bought: Aluminium print 30x40
"I would like to be able to repeat it and in a different quality and material."
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Isabel (Utebo, ES)
bought: Aluminium print 40x60
"Very nice and original aluminium frame. Very good product and image quality. A different touch for the chimney corner."
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Gloria (Castelnuovo bozzente, IT)
bought: Aluminium print 30x40
"Good quality, too bad I reduced the picture to be able to see the aluminium border instead it was printed white. Maybe I misinterpreted the preview of the picture."
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Mirella (Prato, IT)
bought: Aluminium print 20x30
"special and beautiful"
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Pedro (São geão, PT)
bought: Aluminium print 50x75
"Perfect, the best. I loved it and will order again."
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Photos printed on aluminium

With aluminium frames, you can have your photo printed on a high quality aluminium plate. Get pictures with art gallery quality at the best price. Maximum colour intensity and perfect resolution. Highlight your photos and give them a particularly brilliant look. Especially in the case of black and white photos on the brushed finish. The frame is produced by direct printing in 7 UV colours directly on the aluminium plate.

Aluminium is a light, stable and durable material. Personalised aluminium frames are ideal for shops, businesses, offices, events and of course to decorate your home. The material is high quality GT11 composite aluminium. GT aluminium panels consist of two aluminium sheets and a central polyethylene core. Aluminium composite panels (also called aluminium dibond) is a photographic support frequently used in galleries and decoration, due to the good results and effects when printing on this material.

There are several sizes to choose from, in different formats: square, rectangular in 4:3 ratio, and rectangular in 3:2 ratio. Metal plates are included for hanging the frame, which can be attached to the back of the frame very easily, simply by removing the included adhesive.

Differences between the two types of finishes

When it comes to customising an aluminium frame, you can choose between two types of finish: white and brushed. Here are the differences:

Print on brushed aluminium frame detail

Printing on brushed aluminium

When printing on brushed aluminium, the photo will be printed directly onto the aluminium. In this way, the darker parts of the image will appear matt, while the white parts are not printed. Therefore, in the light areas of the image, the picture will have reflections that cause a spectacular metallic effect.

In the brushed finish, also known as "metallic" or "natural", any kind of picture looks amazing. But it is especially recommended in the case of black and white photographs, as this metallic effect is much more noticeable, thanks to the contrast between the dark parts and the light parts.

So, if you are looking for a material to make a photographic enlargement of a black and white photo, professionals always recommend printing on brushed aluminium, where the light-coloured graphic elements are not printed, and this makes the polished surface of the aluminium shine through.

Printed on aluminium with white finish

When you choose the "white" finish, first a layer of white colour is printed onto the surface of the aluminium, and then the photo you send is printed on top of this white layer. This finish shows the photograph more closely to how it was sent, with no differences in reflections between the dark and light areas.

The difference with respect to brushed aluminium is that in this finish all the areas of the photograph are printed, both dark and light, and there is no metallic effect with reflections that the brushed finish has. In any case, due to the type of material, the result in this type of printing is also of very high quality, although in the case of black and white photographs, we do recommend the choice of the brushed finish.

Picture printed on brushed aluminium
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