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  Solutions to common problems with the stamps

Here are the most common stamp problems that have an easy solution.

My stamp stains everything

Press with a light but sufficient pressure, if you press too much, it is possible that the ink will come out of the mold.

My stamp does not mark well

Occasionally, you may receive your stamp before the ink had time to go down. Leave the stamp covered and in its normal position for 24 hours. After this time, you will see that it will work properly.

My stamp does not mark anything

It is possible that depending on the environmental conditions, and after some time, the ink dries and the stamp stops working. This is why we include an activator with the order. 

To reactivate the stamp:

  1. Remove the stamp casing
  2. Insert two drops of reactivating liquid in each one of the 2 holes of the stamp.
  3. Press several times pressing the stamp several seconds on paper and wait approximately 12 hours for the liquid to make its effect on the ink.
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