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  Types of fabrics

In various textile products, you will have the option to choose your product in different types of fabric. Next, we will indicate the main characteristics of each fabric:

Polyester Fabric (Stretch)

The Stretch or Polyester fabric is the most common fabric. It allows a great chromatic range as well as a great fidelity to the design and a great definition.

Oxford Fabric

The Oxford fabric is characterised by having a larger and more visible weave than other fabrics. This type of weaving causes it to lose definition and saturation of colors very slightly, but on the other hand, it confers a greater personality to the products that use it, giving a more handcrafted, cosy feel.

Satin Fabric

The satin fabric is a fabric characterised by its soft touch and brightness, giving a more glamorous feel to the product. It also has a very good definition and range of colors, as the brightness of the fabric makes the colors look more vivid.

Koshibo Fabric

The main quality of Koshibo fabric is its elasticity and resistance. It has good definition and intense colours.