Grandparents' Day Gifts

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What is Grandparent's Day

There is no one to take care of us and spoil us as much as grandparents. Did you know that they have their own day as a father or mother? In the UK, Grandparents' Day is celebrated on the first sunday of October, whereas in the US it is on the the first Sunday after Labor Day, to pay tribute to grandparents in the family. In places like Poland, for example, it is in January and it is celebrated on two different days: one for the grandmother and the other for the grandfather.

In recent years, this celebration has been implemented because they are an essential part of the life of any family. We also want to join, so we decided to create this section where you will find different gift ideas for your grandparents and surprise on a date so special.

Personalised gifts Grandparents' Day

On special dates, you need the best gifts, so we recommend our personalised items. Why? Because thanks to customization you can take care of the details to the maximum and make a gift that really excites. We know that we have a wide catalogue, that's why we want to make it easy for you. These are our favorite gifts for grandparents:

  • Personalised stories for grandparents: if you do not know what to give to your grandmother or grandfather, this may be the best option. We have two models of stories for her and him, you only have to send us his photo and we will take care of the rest. We are sure that it is a very emotional gift and that it will touch her heart.
  • Photo frames, an assured success: giving away photos is always nice, because it is the most special way to be always present. You can put a photo in our tiles, in a frame of ten photos or in a framed print. You have different ways of doing it and leaving them with their mouths open.
  • Photo books: collect your best images and give one to your grandparents. Although now we all have thousands of photos on our mobiles, it is still a nice gift to keep an album or photo book with your best memories.

Although these are our favorites, we have many more gift options. In fact, depending on your hobbies you can make it even more personal. Thimbles, cards, flowerpots... you can adapt everything you can imagine with the design, the image or text you want.

You can also opt for decoration objects that will be present in their day to day, so they can get the most out of it. Just choose the product you like best for them, look for the perfect personalisation and ask for it. Of course, don't forget to put a nice wrapper and add a greeting card for grandparents, so the gift will be complete.

How to celebrate Grandparent's Day

As in dates such as Father's Day or Mother's Day, this one also deserves a special mention. But not only that, if your grandparents are important to you it is a good time to show it.

You can organize a day focused on them, with a special lunch or dinner. There you can give them the gift and it will be much more emotional. If you also meet the whole family will be better, because they will feel your support and gratitude.