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Personalised gifts for grandparents

Do you have to give a gift to your grandfather or grandmother? There is a very high probability you'll make them very happy if you create a personalised gift with photos of their grandchildren. All grandparents love to have photos of their grandchildren everywhere! Discover our selection of gift ideas for grandparents, for all prices: from very cheap gifts to more expensive gifts.

We have selected for you our best gifts for grandparents. Within our extensive catalogue, there are details and gifts specially created for people aged 70 and over. The idea is to offer a list of ideas of grandchildren's gifts for grandparents, in those occasions like Christmas or birthdays in which you do not know what to give. Or even as wedding details.

We believe that personalised gifts are especially suitable for grandparents, because, if you think about it a little, what do any grandpa or grandma like the most? There's no doubt about it: their family. Family meals in which they see the big family they have created, with their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.

Therefore, create a gift printed with a family photo, photos of the grandchildren and children, all together ... and they'll be the happiest grandparents. Or there are more options, you don't have to use a photo necessarily. You can also choose engraved gifts with a name or date. It can be the family name, a special date for them, etc.

Original gifts for grandmothers

Something that obsesses us is the originality of the gifts. We don't like outdated and typical gifts: ties, perfumes, shirts, handbags... think about it: any grandfather or grandmother already has a lot of everything we just mentioned. Any man and woman, at those ages, have dozens of ties or bags they have been buying throughout their lives.

That's why we encourage you to choose personalisation as a way to give a different touch to that gift you want to make to your grandparents.

Gift ideas for grandparents

Our catalog has more than 1,000 references. To make your search easier, we have selected the best gifts for grandparents. Gifts that we believe will triumph for sure. For a better organization, we are going to highlight some of them, separated by ages. Because it is not the same to look for gifts for older grandmothers than to look for gifts for first-time grandparents or young people (it is not uncommon to have your first grandchild around 50 years old, for example).

Gifts for grandmothers aged 70

Consider that here we talk about gifts for ages up to 70 years, that is, we also count the ages around 60 years or near.

It is the time to be first-time grandparents, when your children give you the immense joy of giving you grandsons and granddaughters. In this case, our star gift, the most exciting and beautiful, are the personalised stories My Grandfather. There is the My Grandmother version and the My Grandfather version. They are customizable stories with photos and the names of the grandparents, and also of the baby, which tells how important grandparents are in the lives of their grandchildren. Everything they do for them and how much they love them. And you can include a personal dedication on the back cover. It's a perfect gift for grandparents to read the story to their grandchildren when they're still young, further strengthening the special bond of grandparent and grandchild.

Other good gift ideas for the youngest grandparents, approximately 60 or 70 years old, could be the personalised kitchen jars, for the baking grandmothers, as a place to keep the cookies, or as a decorative element for the kitchen, where so many times they have prepared those special dishes that, for us, are the best in the world.

It is a time to enjoy free time and leisure with friends of the same age, and for that we have personalised cards, both Spanish and French decks, as well as domino games, personalised spanish ludo and game of the goose, and so on.

There are also gifts for people who have not yet had grandchildren but are ready: a nice gift for a future grandmother can be an original way of announcing that they are going to be grandparents for the first time.

You can look for other options for modern grandparents, and today things have changed a lot. A person of 60 years can have a vitality and a totally youthful and modern style, unlike some decades ago, where from certain ages always dressed and behaved with much more sobriety.

Gifts for grandmothers of 80 years

Although all gifts can be worth for this age range, because it depends a lot on how healthy the grandfather or grandmother is at this age, we can recommend the personalised jewelry, where you can put a name or an engraved date, or for them an elegant engraved pen with your family name or surname, or a date such as your wedding, for example.

We also have elegant leather wallets for women and men, to buy with style and a photo of their loved ones well in sight.

Gifts for grandmothers aged 90

From 90 years, the ideal are gifts adapted for people who leave home much less (although it is always advisable to take walks outdoors whenever possible). But they will surely spend most of the day at home. A good gift can be our personalised blankets, where you can create a blanket with a lot of photos of the whole family, their past and their youth, their friends, etc. With this blanket they can be covered on the sofa while watching TV or resting.

You can also choose decorative gifts. In that sense, we have a great variety of frames and photo frames, some very elegant, others more casual, where you can put the last family photo: that photo in which you all go out together during the Christmas dinner or in another family event.

We could name even more ideas, but we recommend that from here you see the rest of the details proposed in this section, or use the navigation menus to look at other gifts that can also help you get it right, such as digital albums with photos of his whole life, gifts for home decoration, and many more.

Don't wait for it to be the Grandfather's Day (yes, there is a day for them, when people usually have gifts for their grandparents). Any day of the year is suitable to surprise them with a nice detail of gratitude for so many years fulfilling a role of parents first and grandparents later.

Grandparents' Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming and we have to think what to give to each member of the family. Children's gifts are easy, because from 3 or 4 years old they ask for what they want. But adult gifts... that's something else. Here we are going to give you gift ideas for the grandparents of the family.

Each person is a world, and we know that each grandmother and grandfather have their hobbies, different interests... and that there is a wide range of ages, as there can be grandparents as old as 60 or 90 or more.

So in this section you have a very wide list, with gifts for any kind of grandparent. However, they all have something in common: you will be able to personalise them with any photo, design, image, text, date, etc.

Of course, one thing is clear: no matter how different grandparents are, or how young they are, they all love their grandchildren, so any gift from this list with a good picture of all their children and grandchildren together is a sure thing.